My Story

I have always loved reading and whilst growing up, infuriated my brother by preferring Anne of Green Gables to Action Man! I am an adopted Northerner, having grown up near Bakewell in the Peak District. Study and work took me to Leicester, Frankfurt, London and Leeds before I stepped away from my legal career as an independent barrister to raise a family near Malton, North Yorkshire. Through those relocations I acquired a good understanding of the geography “up North” and as an avid reader and appreciator of the performing arts, I have developed contacts at the various festivals, venues, bookshops and literacy organisations who operate in Yorkshire (South, West and North), the East Riding and Hull and Cleveland including Teesside.

I was a member of a book group (yes, one of those wine-drinking think tanks that didn’t spend much time discussing books, but great fun all the same), when it was suggested to me that I should launch a book festival in Malton. Ready for a challenge, I created our first festival in less than six months with an incredible team of like-minded bookworms. I am proud that seven years later Ryedale Book Festival goes from strength to strength and I hope that the lessons I have learned about event management may be of value to other young festivals and venues.

Unwilling to dig out my wig and gown whilst the children were young and mindful of the unpredictable hours I had worked as a Crown Court advocate, I elected to gain relevant experience through various part-time roles in book sales with Waterstones and customer services, PR, licensing and prospecting with other employers. I feel privileged to have met some very interesting and creative people through the events I helped to organise and now I can’t honestly envisage doing anything else.

In this super speedy digital world, good communication skills and original ideas are increasingly valuable. An appreciation of the written and spoken word can only help to enhance our literacy skills as well as broaden our minds and spark our imaginations, so I believe that reading is important, not only to children but to us all. Book events can create an excellent opportunity for us to listen, learn, question, be inspired and enjoy being part of a live audience in that way that few other experiences can match.

I love working with artists and people who enjoy books and reading. I have always been a good organiser, someone who has the energy and vision to bring people together and make things happen. If you are still reading this epistle do get in touch. I look forward to creating a great event with you.

A selection of the artists I have had the pleasure of working with: