News & Reviews Introduction

News & Reviews Introduction

Book News & Reviews

No ordinary Blogspot

By way of introduction it might be useful to explain that I envisage this News & Reviews page will have two roles:

Book News:  To share relevant news about literary happenings in the North and,

Book Reviews: To review the books that I am the most excited about introducing to readers.

I have deliberately not described myself as professional book blogger because I can’t promise to read and review everything I receive. Instead, I reserve the right to enthuse about the titles that I am genuinely passionate about – taking the view that there are plenty of critics who are willing to analyse the not so good as well as the most exciting, so I leave that task for them. Out of preference I tend to lean towards literary fiction, historical fiction and crime fiction but I am happy to try the first few chapters of anything.

My definition of a good book

On the subject of book reviews, I should explain that I am an avid reader, not an academic. My definition of a good book is one that I feel compelled to recommend to someone I like. There has to be something about it that inspires me to share it. It may be the plot, the characters, the illustrations, the meticulous research that evidently went on to create a convincing sense of time or place, or maybe just the book jacket artwork…

Superficial? I know one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but who isn’t hooked by a handsome tome? And if you haven’t already guessed I don’t do e-readers; call me old-fashioned but I like my books to have a spine, pages and be capable of joining old friends on a shelf!

Happy 2020 Reading

I hope that these caveats sound reasonable and you will look out for my future posts. You might decide to share one on social media, or attend a forthcoming bookish event and not least, be inspired to get yourself a copy of a featured book (preferably sourced from your local bookshop or library). Happy 2020 Reading!

Please get in touch with any events’ news or books you would like reviewed in these pages. There is no charge, nor any advertising space on this website, and the content remains the discretion of Books Up North.