Kid’s Book Review: Tourmaline and the Museum of Marvels

Kid’s Book Review: Tourmaline and the Museum of Marvels

About the Book and Author

Over confident, cocky and constantly up to no good, Tourmaline, alongside her two friends Mia and (anxious) Goerge, from Pellavere University on the island of Escea, set out on another adventure. They are determined to seize control of Tourmaline’s tiresome magic, and finally allow her to be trouble free – not having to worry about blowing up her science experiment EVER AGAIN!
So come and fly with them through the sky and uncover other worldly mysteries of the dying magic on their home island…

After falling into the Source, on their previous adventure (in the 1st book), Tourmaline has become magical, although her loving and trustworthy mother does not know-just yet. Her hands keep glowing and making objects do stuff they are not meant to do, it’s out of control!

But things are just getting started when she begins to get postcards from an anonymous sender; they contain mysterious messages, instructing her to go places: first, the Dark Market, then the Museum of Marvels, what’s next? These puzzling postcards have photos on the front, not any photos, but clues to where to go and how to find these places.

So will you come onto the mystifying, flying, airship, to assist Tomaline in grasping hold of her ever desired answers?


Ruth Lauren has been a teacher and worked in lots of different offices, but she likes writing best, as well as walking in the woods, cheese, orchids, going to the movies, and reading as many books as she can. She is the author of Prisoner of Ice and Snow and its sequel Seeker of the Crown.

Book Review

I don’t just like the book… …I LOVE IT!!!

Firstly, what an excellent array of ideas! All of the thought that’s gone into every “magical artefact” and what they do is so precise and perfect. The way that it captures my imagination so easily is fantastic, and the story flows so smoothly; all the action unfolding before my eyes, the book’s storyline is layed out so neatly, right in front of me.
I just can’t stop obsessing over the ideal balance of descriptive language and leaving it to dwindle in your mind to figure out yourself. This piece of literature is absolutely flawless and faultless, an explicit book to let your mind escape and run free within its pages.

Next, I want to zoom in on the intricate front cover, at first it looks so confusing but as you read on it starts to uncover the moral of the object’s meaning.

I think this book really pushes the message of true friendship and the hardship of learning about who you can and can’t trust, especially in the world we live in today.
I think with the level of text and descriptive language it really does depend on the reading age of the customer, but I believe the age range is around 10 to 14.

So for all of these reasons, I don’t just like the book… …I LOVE IT!!!

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Piper
  • Age: 12 years
  • Likes: Animals, swimming and travel
  • Dislikes: Horror movies and pickled gherkins
  • Favourite Book: Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman
  • Favourite Song: Gold Rush Kid by George Ezra
  • Favourite Film: The Hunger Games