Kid’s Book Review: A Season for Scandal

Kid’s Book Review: A Season for Scandal

About the Book and Author

Katherine Webber, author of  the Twin Crowns all-female detective agency is back with another mystery to investigate.

Mystery, romance, a richly described historic backdrop and a feisty, independent female protagonist – we highly recommend this series by Laura Wood to teen readers who enjoy watching period dramas such as Gentleman Jack or Bridgerton.


Laura Wood author

Laura Wood is a bestselling author of many stories for children and young adults. Other historical fiction novels for young adults include A Sky Painted Gold, A Single Thread of Moonlight, Under a Dancing Star and A Snowfall of Silver. Please visit her website to find out more about Laura’s books for young adults.

Book Review

This is truly a magical read and gave me a clear insight into a young woman’s challenges in the 1800s, and of course, I loved the beautiful romance

A Season for Scandal is the sequel to The Agency for Scandal, but you absolutely don’t have to read the first book to enjoy it. Marigold Bloom is a talented florist, and muddling along happily in life, until her fiancé dumps her and turns her life upside down. She is devasted, but through a series of strange events stumbles upon the Aviary which changes. This mysterious establishment turns out to be an incredible detective agency, run by remarkable women who solve crimes to help other ladies in need. Marigold is drawn into this mystical world, so different from her own flower-filled life. Against the backdrop of the charming Parisian skyline, or a gothic manor in York, she embarks on an eye-opening adventure with new friends, such as artistic Maud or science-mad Winnie. They discover intriguing secrets that eventually spill into the open and help solve the puzzling family dilemma.

This was a tale of romance, feminism and what it means to truly be yourself. For me, the best bit were the awesome characters. They were funny, caring and fiercely loyal. Over the 400 or so pages of the book, I grew to adore the glamourous girls, who guided me though their entertaining escapade. I was almost surprised to find that they weren’t standing next to me when I very infrequently put the book down. I raced through the story and loved every bit of it.

It was set in the 19th century, and I haven’t read much historical fiction. It was a different world back then. Treatment of women was vastly different before we got the vote, and they weren’t treated by men with nearly the same respect as they are now. It was fascinating to take a deep dive into the past from a female perspective and open my eyes to how society has changed now.

I thought that the blurb was a bit misleading; it didn’t make the book sound nearly as good as it was. This is truly a magical read and gave me a clear insight into a young woman’s challenges in the 1800s, and of course, I loved the beautiful romance.

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  • Name: Kirsten
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