Kid’s Book Review: A Song of Gladness

Kid’s Book Review: A Song of Gladness

About the Book and Author

Former Children’s Laureate and CILIP Carnegie Medal winner Sir Michael Morpurgo has written a moving poetical story about the world coming together to sing a celebratory song of appreciation for our planet and every living thing.

It is full of hope for this post-pandemic era and the illustrations from twice CILIP Kate Greenaway-winning Emily Gravett are breathtaking (as you will see if you scroll down this post).

The combination of two truly talented artists, this lovely book is definitely not just for kids but a keepsake for readers of all ages to enjoy.

It is published by Pan Macmillan.

A Song of Gladness cover
Michael Morpurgo author

Michael Morpurgo is one of Britain’s best-loved writers for children. He has written over 130 books including War Horse, which was adapted for a hugely successful stage production by the National Theatre and then, in 2011, for a film directed by Steven Spielberg. Michael was Children’s Laureate from 2003 to 2005. The charity Farms for City Children, which he founded thirty years ago with his wife Clare, has now enabled over 70,000 children to spend a week living and working down on the farm.  You can hear him talking about this book in our podcast.

Emily Gravett has a rare talent indeed for creating exceptional books for children. The winner of two CILIP Kate Greenaway Medals, her skill and wit are second to none. Emily first sprang into the limelight with the ground-breaking Wolves in 2005, which has been followed by such modern classics as Meerkat Mail, Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears, Monkey and Me and Again! and the fabulous Bear and Hare series for younger readers, as well as the beautiful Tidy, Old Hat, Cyril and Pat and Meerkat Christmas.

Book Review

The message of the book is about being nicer to the planet and thanking it for everything it has given to us-the food, the water, the animals, and all of us!

I read this book out loud with my mum. I thought it was really amazing. The illustrations are beautiful, my favourite one was probably the salmon and the sea trout leaping up from the river. It is really detailed and the salmon’s face is like jumping right out of the picture.

The message of the book is about being nicer to the planet and thanking it for everything it has given to us-the food, the water, the animals, and all of us! One of my favourite parts was probably when the camel, who didn’t join in many things, thought it was a really good idea. I especially liked when everyone was singing together at the end, because they all sang away their sadness together.

This is a good book for teaching people about helping in the planet and also for anyone who really loves animals. I think it is suitable for all age groups, even though it is a picture book. My siter Nora liked it too. I give it 10/10 because the pictures really stand out and it has a positive message.

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