Kid’s Book Review: Aboard the Time Line

Kid’s Book Review: Aboard the Time Line

About the Book and Author

An antidote to boredom, written by a young author whose imagination brings history to life in a fun time-travel adventure story featuring a dinosaur called Reginald as a tour guide.

Reginald introduces Pete to Philosophocles, an ancient Greek thinker and together the three companions travel along the Time Line, visiting alternate versions of history, including the Cretaceous period, ancient Greece, the Viking North Sea, Medieval Istanbul and Victorian London.

On their journey they meet tricky demons and strange creatures. Will Pete ever find his way back to the the present day?

Bastian Gregory was born in 1997 and spent a happy childhood in Singapore, Hong Kong and Denmark. He went on to study creative writing in the UK. He was a wild and free thinker, a kind, gentle son and brother and a good friend to many. Bastian had Asbergers Syndrome and suffered from depression. He left us just after his twenty-third birthday to be, in his own words, reincarnated ‘as a cosmic tree with solar winds and alien doves rushing through my branches’. He leaves behind this book and a collection of poems.

For more information about Bastian’s legacy please visit the Instagram page set up by Bastian’s mother.

Book Review

I haven’t read many books with such a fun and interesting plot as this

This is a book about a boy called Pete who is so bored at school that when time suddenly stops still in the middle of a maths class, he is magically teleported to a place where you can travel through the timeline of history on a train. There he meets a small, incredibly old dinosaur named Reginald who promises to be his tour guide.

They journey together through many different time periods such as Ancient Greece, where they meet a philosopher called Philosophocles who promises to help Pete get back to the real world. They also adventure to places such as the Viking North Sea and Medieval Istanbul as well as Victorian London.

I thought this was a brilliant book because, personally, I haven’t read many books with such a fun and interesting plot as this. The characters are great and unlike Pete, I never felt any boredom along the way. If you are interested in history it is also a very enjoyable book but I also think that it will appeal to everyone with its humour and gripping plot.

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Reviewer Profile

Young Reviewer Ted
  • Name: Edward
  • Age: 12 years
  • Likes: reading, amphibians and body-boarding
  • Dislikes: peas and going to bed early
  • Favourite Book: Beast Quest by Adam Blade
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