Kid’s Book Review: The Agency for Scandal

Kid’s Book Review: The Agency for Scandal

About the Book and Author

Isobel Stanhope has a lot of secrets. One, she works for a secret agency that helps to dig up dirt on powerful misogynistic men. Two, she is madly in love with the Duke of Roxton. And three, she is in serious financial trouble. Join Izzy and her friends as the attempt to crack the case and uncover the secrets of a very powerful man. And the case might so happen to involve the man of her dreams…

Available from January 2023 is a new historical mystery about an all female detective team from best-selling writer Laura Wood.

Thanks to Harriet at Scholastic for sending us a proof for Isabelle to review.


The Agency for Scandal
Laura Wood author

Laura Wood is a bestselling author of many stories for children and young adults. Other historical fiction novels for young adults include A Sky Painted Gold, A Single Thread of Moonlight, Under a Dancing Star and A Snowfall of Silver. Please visit her website to find out more about Laura.

Book Review

I found it so page-turning and I finished it in just over a day without putting it down!

I really enjoyed reading this book because it was something different to what I would usually read. I found it so page-turning and I finished it in just over a day without putting it down!

One of the things I enjoyed most about the book was the way it was written. Although it was historical fiction the way it was written made all the unusual things for modern day life seem normal. Though they weren’t outright explained everything that was different made complete sense and didn’t seem out of the ordinary. I think this was helped by the incredible way it was written to draw you into the world of the book which made me feel like I was living in the characters world. Another thing I enjoyed about the book was the characters I felt like as the book progressed that I was able to get to know them and by the end of it I felt like i was there with them.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good romance book but also historical fiction. I would say it would be most enjoyed by anyone over the age of 12 through to maybe about 18.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Isabelle
  • Age: 13 years
  • Likes: football, art and writing
  • Dislikes: mushroom and Star Wars
  • Favourite Book: Ink Heart by Cornelia Funke
  • Favourite Song: Blank Space by Taylor Swift
  • Favourite Film: Legally Blonde