Kid’s Book Review: Agent Zaiba Investigates – The Haunted House

Kid’s Book Review: Agent Zaiba Investigates – The Haunted House

About the Book and Author

For young readers who enjoy stories with mysteries to solve this is the perfect book. Written by Annabelle Sami with illustrations by Daniela Sosa this detective series is published by Little Tiger Press.

When a new family moves to the village, Zaiba is intrigued to hear about the strange happenings in their home. Things go missing, objects are smashed and unfriendly messages are painted on the walls. There have always been rumours that the house is haunted, but is a ghost really causing all this trouble? Zaiba and her team are convinced that the culprit is very much alive – and won’t stop until they get what they want…

This is the latest book in the series but you can check out our Kids’s Review of the the first title in the series here


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Annabelle Sami is a writer and performer who studied English Literature and Drama and undertook an MA in English Literature at Queen Mary University. When she isn’t writing she enjoys playing saxophone in a band with her friends, performing live art and swimming in the sea.

Daniela Sosa is originally from Romania, but she now lives in the UK and is completing a master’s degree in children’s book illustrations at the Cambridge School of Art. She loves to travel, which is where she gets a lot of her inspiration from.

Book Review

Agent Zaiba Investigates The Haunted House is the best book that I have ever read!

Agent Zaiba Investigates The Haunted House is the best book that I have ever read!

I like how there is always a new piece of evidence to think about. This book is quite interactive, meaning you can get involved and try and figure out who the culprit is before Zaiba does. All the action in the book takes place over just two nights. There was a twist near the end that was completely unexpected.

Alexandra, one of the guests at a party at the beginning of the book, was quite dreadful. Smashing windows, writing messages, accusing innocent people and worst of all, trying to sneak away when the Snow Leopard Detective Agency UK was telling everyone the truth. She deserved everything she got.

I think that this book will amaze anyone who reads it. I hope other people enjoy reading it as much as I did. I also loved the illustrations. They really matched the descriptions in the book.

Agent Zaiba Investigates takes a while to get into. At first, I was not sure I was enjoying it, but after the incident in the library, I knew it was a good book. I have already asked for the next book in the series and can’t wait to start reading it.

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