Kid’s Book Review: Alice in Wonderland

Kid’s Book Review: Alice in Wonderland

About the Book and Illustrator

Reimagined by the illustrations of Kate Greenaway Medal winner Grahame Baker-Smith, this collectable picture book edition of Lewis Carroll’s classic story will transport a new generation of readers down the rabbit hole to a crazy tea party in Wonderland 150 years after the story was first published!


Alice in Wonderland cover
Grahame Baker-Smith

Grahame Baker Smith has worked as a freelance illustrator for 30 years, working mainly in publishing creating children’s books. He won the Kate Greenaway award in 2011 for a story he wrote and illustrated called; FArTHER.

Book Review

I really liked having the pictures to look at while we were reading because they helped to make what was happening clearer

I thought I already knew the story of when Alice goes to Wonderland! But I was wrong! I have watched the Disney movie and have also read about Alice in other story books, but reading the actual story was different than I thought it was going to be.

This book was quite hard to read by myself. The story is very confusing even though it is very funny. So instead of reading it by myself, my mum read it aloud to me and my little sister.

The part of the story that I liked the best was the Hatter’s Tea Party. The tea party was quite funny, I liked how it didn’t really make any sense and that in the end, when Alice walked away the Hatter and the March Hare were trying to stuff the Dormouse into the tea pot! I also liked the bit when Alice visited the Duchess. Her cook was putting so much pepper in the soup that everyone was sneezing, even the baby (who turned out to be a PIG)! It was a calamity!

I really like the illustrations in this edition because they made me feel like I was actually in the story with Alice. One of my favourite illustrations was probably the picture of the Hatter’s Tea Party (You can see it below). I really liked the pictures of the food because it looked just like real life. It made me feel really hungry! I would probably have eaten the sandwiches and the cream buns all up! I liked that some of the smaller pictures were just in one colour. They were very detailed. My favourite of these was when the Hatter was the first witness at the trial. I just really like the Hatter.

I really liked having the pictures to look at while we were reading because they helped to make what was happening clearer.

I think I will have to be much older to read this book again by myself but that doesn’t stop me giving it 10/10 because it is funny, creative and the illustrations are spectacular.




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