Kid’s Book Review: All About the Lunar New Year

Kid’s Book Review: All About the Lunar New Year

About the Book and Author

This non-fiction activity book is filled with crafts and recipes, fun facts about the Lunar New Year celebrations observed by over ONE BILLION people all over the world.

Children can learn about the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac and learn why they’re so important to the Lunar New Year as well as the other stories behind this festival.

There are lots of illustrated instructions and ideas about activities for children to do to join in the celebration such as making:

Create magical lanterns
Make paper firecrackers
Design a rooster mask
Recipes include:
Korean rice cake soup
Chinese walnut cookies

This is got to be the ULTIMATE book of Lunar New Year fun!

Kevin Tsang author

K. Tsang is the co-author of the bestselling Dragons Realm series. He was born in Copenhagen but grew up in the US but he now lives in the UK with his co-author and partner Katie Tsang and their children.

Book Review

I'm a Rooster Mum, that's a loud bird - cool!

Evan when we looked up his Chinese zodiac animal and was happy to discover he was a Rooster because it is a loud bird!

Evans 3 things to do this year, ‘I’m going to learn to read and do a front flip and be kind’

Mum says: This book is beautiful, the illustrations are colourful and bright which Evan loved. We looked at the calendar and worked out which animal each person in the family was. He thought it very funny that his Dad was a monkey. The first part of the book was some history about Lunar New Year and a wonderful story, then it has a arts and crafts section, followed by recipes.

We enjoyed trying out some of the crafts, particularly the slithering snake and the rooster mask, the instructions were easy to follow and most could be done with items you find at home. Definitely one we will keep and come back to as there were lots of activities to try.

We enjoyed looking at all the recipes, we did make the biscuits however a lot of the recipes needed ingredients we didn’t have in so we are planning to try more once we have been shopping.

A brilliant book to learn about Lunar New Year in a fun hands on way would be brilliant to use in a classroom.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Evan
  • Age: 4 years
  • Likes: Mr Bean, dancing and riding my scooter
  • Dislikes: onions and bedtime
  • Favourite TV Show: Mr Bean
  • Favourite Book: Dinosaurumpus by Tony Mitton