Kid’s Book Review: All the Wonderful Ways to Read

Kid’s Book Review: All the Wonderful Ways to Read

About the Book

This is delightful story by Laura Baker, illustrated with warmth and humour by Sandra de la Prada, that celebrates reading in all its forms. It is published by Little Tiger Press and is a lovely story for young children to unlock their imaginations and enjoy considering all the different places they can take their books.

Books take us on journeys that we can all share,
And give us the power to go anywhere!

So no matter just how, or what book,
or your speed, what I wish for NOW . . .
Is that YOU love to read!

Laura Baker is the author of all sorts of books for children. She has written about feelings, farms, the magic of books . . . and even talking onions! Laura grew up in Canada but now lives in Wales.

Sandra de la Prada lives in Barcelona in Spain. She studied Fine Arts, continued with design and ended with illustration. The Asturian publisher Pintar-Pintar commissioned her for the first time in 2010 to illustrate a book and since then she has not stopped working, mainly in the children’s and youth publishing field, for national and international clients.


Book Review

We should try reading in lots of different places too!

A wonderful book! Already a firm favourite and every time we read it, we find new things to discuss and explore.

It’s beautifully illustrated, my children (aged 3 and 6) enjoy pointing out all of the animals they recognise and laugh at the peculiar places they’ve chosen to read, they particularly enjoyed trying to read upside down like the ostrich.

As we read the book, we all share ideas about different places we could try reading. The book ended with a lovely message, ‘So no matter just how…what I wish for NOW is that YOU love to read!’

My 3 year old’s final thought in response to this was, “I really like to read! Can we read it again?”

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Grace
  • Age: 3 years
  • Likes: Ballet, crafting and animals
  • Dislikes: Shopping and football
  • Favourite Movie: Frozen
  • Favourite Song: Naughty from Matilda the Musical
  • Favourite Book: The Girl, the Bear and the Magic Shoes by Julia Donaldson