Kid’s Book Review: Always Never Always

Kid’s Book Review: Always Never Always

About the Book and Author and Illustrator

This rhyming story for young children encourages children to have the confidence to follow a path, without necessarily knowing where it will take you or what you will discover along the way.

Life can be an adventure if you are brave enough to explore.

Always follow secret tracks – the paths that wind and wend through cracks.

Never worry where they go. When you get there, then you’ll know

Meg McKinlay is a multi-award-winning Australian author renowned for her effortless entwining of poetry and imagination. This new title is a lyrical, whimsical handbook for anyone needing a little quirky guidance for going boldly out into the world. Brought to life by Leila Rudge’s endearing and adventurous illustrations, this book has charm, wit and wisdom and is a gift to treasure.

After completing an Illustration Degree at Bath Spa University in England, Leila Rudge hopped on a plane to Australia in search of the sunshine. In 2009, she illustrated her first children’s book Duck for a Day. Since then, she has written and illustrated over 15 books. Her work is a mixture of pencil – so many coloured pencils – and watercolour paint all hand rendered onto big sheets of watercolour paper.

Book Review

A guide to adventures for children

I like to go on adventures like the girl in the book, she has lots of fun with her duck. It’s not a real duck, it has a key and she nearly looses the key, but it’s okay because she finds it again with her torch. There is a real duck in the pond and it’s upside down, it is very funny.

This was a beautiful book to read, as were the illustrations to look at. My daughter Rose has loved having it read to her for a bedtime story.

The little girl is similar to my children in that she likes to take all sorts of things out in her bag which she thinks will be important for the adventure of the day. It made me smile about the many disagreements we have had about the extensive contents of their backpacks for a quick trip to the shops. Why not take fairy wings and a torch out?!

The story is a simple and sensible set of rules for life. A guide to adventures for children. And a great reminder to us adults about what’s really important in life.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Rose
  • Age: 3 years
  • Likes: Singing, Play Doh and cheese
  • Dislikes: Walking and peas
  • Favourite Book: Peepo by
  • Favourite TV programme: Bluey
  • Favourite Song: Let it Go from Frozen