Kid’s Book Review: Amazing Octopus

Kid’s Book Review: Amazing Octopus

About the Book, Author an Illustrator

This striking book is all about the octopus. Packed full of facts, jokes and illustrations, readers will be amazed how much they didn’t know about these sea-creatures.

What do the ocean and space have in common?
How did octopuses and humans evolve?
What exactly are cephalopods – and why do they have such a funny name?
Octopuses are the oldest and most intelligent creatures on our planet, true aliens whose abilities amaze us.

Michael Stavarič and Michèle Ganser have created a non-fiction book full of surprising twists and turns that offer much more than just imparting knowledge. Together with their readers, they embark on an adventure into the world of the octopus.

Michael Stavarič

Michael Stavarič was born in Brno in 1972 and works in Vienna as a freelance writer, translator and lecturer. He has received numerous scholarships and awards, including: LeseLenz Prize for Young Literature, Adelbert Chamisso Prize, Austrian State Prize for Children’s and Young Adult Literature, Children’s Book Prize of the City of Vienna, German Design Award, Wartholz Literature Prize and Hohenems Literature Prize. He would have liked to be a marine biologist and now he writes children’s books, novels, plays and poetry. When he’s not writing books, he spends his time making nature documentaries.

Michèle Ganser was born in Aachen in 1995 and studied communication design in Aachen and Mainz. She is particularly fascinated by space, the stars and the different planets. In her illustrations, she combines exciting topics in an unusual way and thus creates completely new worlds. In her free time she likes to read – preferably science fiction novels.

Book Review

It is a good book for being able to skip your way through and look at the facts

Amazing Octopus is great for telling facts and jokes about the ocean (Q: what do you cross an octopus with a sheep? A: a blue jumper with eight sleeves!)

There are also some interactive games and questions to fill in. It is a good book for being able to skip your way through and look at the facts. As well as that, it’s not just about the sea, it also has a lot about space and how life on earth started.

As a parent, I found this book intriguing and pretty unusual – it is an eclectic mix of facts and information, as well as jokes, games and even an alternative version of Metamorphosis. Very striking black and white pictures throughout. I learnt a lot!

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