Kid’s Book Review: An Animal A Day

Kid’s Book Review: An Animal A Day

About the Book

Dip in each day to discover a new animal to enjoy sharing with friends or family – make sure to find YOUR birthday animal!
Travel through the incredible ecosystems and habitats of our beautiful planet, and meet some of the most fascinating animals that call them home. Dive into the oceans to find whales and giant squid, journey across the icy poles with penguins and polar bears, race across the African savanna with lions and wildebeest – and so much more.
Each day’s entry is filled with fascinating facts – learn about completely new animals, and find out some incredible new sides to animals you might see often in everyday life.
This stunning book is packed with breathtaking illustrations to bring each animal to life. It also features information about conservation, and how we can protect endangered animals and the places they call home.

Miranda Smith is a long-standing editor of information books for both children and adults. She has a particular interest in the field of natural history and has written books and articles for children on the subject

Kaja Kajfež is a freelance illustrator, and visual storyteller probably better known as iz.ptica in the realms of the internet. She qualified with a degree in ‘Multimedia, Design and Application’ study from University North in Varazdin, Croatia.


Book Review

I have so many favourite animals in this book, I just can’t choose between them

As soon as I got this book, my eyes were no longer on the TV but fixed on the front cover of this book. It is beautiful, eye catching and appealing and I wanted to read it straightaway. The title made me think of a different animal appearing in our house each day! The idea of an animal a day is literally amazing!

This book reminded me of our family trip to a safari park, I remember seeing a plain zebra like the one in the book and he nearly took the wing mirror off our car!

As soon as I flicked through the pages, I saw the Northern Rockhopper penguin and I thought it looked more like a mad scientist rather than a penguin! I am so frustrated and heart broken to find out that they are endangered. I have so many favourite animals in this book, I just can’t choose between them.

I have already learned about lots of new animals. I had never heard of an Okapi, this is relative of a giraffe. I have never heard of a duck-billed platypus! I can’t believe they can stay under water for two minutes, I definitely can’t do this!

Some interesting facts I have learnt are a maned wolf is nearly 1m tall at the shoulder and has very long legs. The northern raccoon likes city life, gardens and parks. The giant squid can be up to 20 M long.

I learned some new words such as invertebrates and amphibians. The glossary is so helpful because it has helped me to learn the meanings of new words like baleen and brachiate.

I think the tiger quoll and pine marten are really cute! The jewel beetle is lovely and colourful, it almost looks like it has glitter on.

The ‘Conservation success’ pages made me happy, in 1970’s there were only 1000 pandas left in the wild but then people worked together to protect these and by 2014 there were 1864 pandas!

I played a game with my family where we were finding what animal we were by looking for our birthdays. Mine is a black mamba and my little brother’s is four toed hedgehog.

This book has inspired me to write my own book about animals. I am going to learn some interesting information about a different animal every day using this book. I am definitely going to take this book to school to show my class.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Emaan
  • Age: 7 years
  • Likes: swimming, crafts, and fun fairs
  • Dislikes: bananas and spiders
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