Kid’s Book Review: Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door

Kid’s Book Review: Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door

About the Book and Authors

Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door is the first title in an inclusive magical adventure series that is suitable for readers of 6 – 8 years. The characters in the series are inspired by world mythology and the books contain lots of black and white illustrations by Cory Reid and a map of Shimmerton so you can follow Aziza’s adventurous journey.

Aziza has been sent a mysterious gift from an unknown person – a magical door that acts as a portal to the fantastical world of Shimmerton which is a land where fairies live amongst talking unicorns and where the Gigglers are always playing practical jokes on people (making them rather annoying folk!)

Aziza soon gets sucked into the mystery of the missing jewelled doorknob – one that she needs to solve if she is going to end her visit to Shimmerton and return home to her family. Fortunately Aziza now has wings of her own and friends who can help her…

Aziza book cover
Jasmine and Tola

Lola Morayo is the pen name for the creative partnership of writers Tólá Okogwu and Jasmine Richards.
Tọlá Okogwu is a British-Nigerian Author, Journalist and Hair Care Educator. Born in Nigeria but raised in London, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. Having spent several years exploring the world of blogging, haircare and freelance writing, she finally returned to her first love…fiction. Jasmine Richards is the founder of an inclusive fiction studio called Storymix and has written more than fifteen books for children.

Cory Reid is an illustrator and designer who has worked in the creative industry for over fifteen years with clients including, Usborne Publishing, Owlet Press and Card Factory.

Book Review

Anyone who likes fairies, unicorns and shapeshifting bears will love Shimmerton

Anyone who likes fairies, unicorns and shapeshifting bears will love Shimmerton.
My favourite part was when Felly, Kendra and Noon threw slime at Aziza, Tiko and Peri.
It is an unpredictable and the characters were funny, kind and curious except for the Gigglers, who were rather annoying with their mean tricks.

If I was Aziza I might have just stayed in Shimmerton it seems like a nice place to live because I would love to fly and meet a unicorn.

I would definitely like to read the next book in the series if it’s going to be as adventurous and funny as this story.

I also enjoyed decorating my own fairy door with glitter and sequins as you can see in the photo below.

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