Kid’s Book Review: Baboon on the Moon

Kid’s Book Review: Baboon on the Moon

About the Book and Author

This book is a fun rhyming picture book for young children by debut author Claire Bates that certainly appealed to our young reviewer Dylan who wanted to listen to the story again and again.

Baboon on the Moon is about a baboon called Edgar, who lives on the moon, and his quest to prove that it is made of cheese. The story is published by Austin Macauley and contains full colour illustrations as you can see from some of the photos we have included in this post.


Baboon on the Moon cover
Claire Bates author

Claire Bates  has a love for reading and always dreamed of writing her own books. After having children, Claire began making up her own bedtime stories for them, which they loved to listen to, and as they grew, her children said she should write them down. This was the inspiration she needed to finally pursue her dream of writing. Baboon on the Moon is her first book.

Book Review

He was shouting CHEESE as he knew when to expect it after we had read it a few times together

Dylan is currently obsessed with everything Space and Moon and so this has been a perfect addition to his book collection.

The words flow well and Dylan loves the rhyming.

He was shouting CHEESE as he knew when to expect it after we had read it a few times together.

The illustrations are beautiful and bright and the book keeps his attention.

He wanted to read it again and again so it’s definitely been a hit for him!


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Reviewer Profile

Dylan - young reviewer
  • Name: Dylan
  • Age: 2 years
  • Likes: books, Play-Doh and playing with sand and water
  • Dislikes: being annoyed by the dog and being indoors all day
  • Favourite Film: Once upon a Snowman
  • Favourite Song: Hey Duggee - The Stick Song