Kid’s Book Review: Barakah Beats

Kid’s Book Review: Barakah Beats

About the Book and Author

This story is set in contemporary America where the central character, 12-year-old Nimra Sharif has spent her whole life in Islamic school, but now she is about to embark on middle school and feels as nervous as everyone does when they are about to make a transition to a new school.

Nimra is desperate to fit in but finds the popular kids avoid her because of her hijab, and her best-friend Jenna isn’t the same at school. So, when she is invited to join the school’s popular band, Nimra is unsure what to do. She has been taught that music isn’t allowed in Islam, but it is an opportunity to make new friends and win back the graces of her best-friend Jenna. What will Nimra decide to do?

This is the first book that Maleeha Siddiqui has written. It is published by Scholastic

Barakah Beats
Maleeha Siddiqui

Maleeha Siddiqui is an American writer of Pakistani descent who loves to tell unapologetically Muslim stories for all ages. By day, Maleeha works as a regulatory affairs professional in the biotech industry. She grew up and continues to reside with her family in Virginia.  Barakah Beats is her debut novel.

Book Review

It is a beautiful read, full of excitement and suspense

I really enjoyed this book because it gave me an insight into a different culture; the main character, Nimra, is a Muslim and it was written by an American author. One of the things I particularly liked about this book was reading about the American school system because of the difference.

Nimra is an adventurous girl who makes some bad choices but ultimately makes up for it. I learnt a lot about her religion and praying, which I didn’t know before I read Barakah Beats. Although on the surface the book looks simple, I found that once I had read it, I uncovered a whole other meaning about secrets, rules and what it really means to be yourself.

It is a beautiful read, full of excitement and suspense. It left me wondering about interesting questions that the book raised. I recommend this to anyone who is ready to read a great story!

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