Kid’s Book Review: Barb the Brave – The Ghost Blade

Kid’s Book Review: Barb the Brave – The Ghost Blade

About the Book and Authors

This is a graphic novel for children aged 6-10 years with a female lead character who is not afraid of action and adventure and our young reviewer loved it!

It is the second book about the fearless Barb, who is a Berzerker, one of a group of warriors sworn to protect the land of Bailiwick from monsters.

In this comic-style illustrated story Barb and her crew meet their match in the evil villain Witch Head who takes everyone (except Barb) captive.

Together, with her best friend, Porkchop the yeti , Barb must free her fellow warriors so they can stop Witch Head from taking over the land.


The Ghost Blade

For the past ten years, award-winning duo Dan & Jason have developed numerous animated campaigns, network TV and web series, and critically acclaimed commercial work. Their extensive portfolio, including multiple comedic spots in both the U.S. and U.K., has garnered them industry wide recognition, while their humorous sensibility and diverse skill set has landed them jobs for top global brands. Dan & Jason have set up properties at Twentieth Century Fox, Disney, and Nickelodeon as well as a feature animated film through Paramount Pictures. The well-versed storytellers have developed original content for a wide variety of platforms, including print (Nickelodeon Comics, The New Yorker), theatre (Pilobolus), and digital. Their first graphic novel in the Barb the Brave series was released in January 2022.

Book Review

This story has become one of my favourites

This book was really good, I enjoyed all the pictures they are really colourful and tell the story well.
I liked that the story is told from in a comic form and this makes it a easy read and makes it more fun as every time I read it I see more details in the pictures I didn’t see the last time.
This story has become one of my favourites. My favourite characters are Barb and Porkchop because they are awesome.

I can not wait to read the next book to find out what happens next.


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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Storm
  • Age: 6 years
  • Likes: mermaids, fairies and space
  • Dislikes: mushrooms and wasps
  • Favourite Book: The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton
  • Favourite Song: Mother Knows Best (Tangled)
  • Favourite Film: We Can Be Heros