Kid’s Book Review: Be Nice to Aunt Emma

Kid’s Book Review: Be Nice to Aunt Emma

About the Book and Author

This is a funny book about a family, in particular the relationship between a girl called Tansy and her aunt. It has been purposely written by multi-award winning writer Anne Fine so it can be enjoyed by reluctant readers who prefer a shorter story. It is printed by Barrington Stoke in a dyslexia friendly style and contains lots of fantastic illustrations by Gareth Conway.

There are many reasons why Tansy dreads Aunt Emma coming to visit. She’s rude, she’s boring, and Tansy has to give up her room so Aunt Emma can sleep there. And every year Dad makes Tansy promise to be nice – even when Aunt Emma is awful. But this year, when Tansy is left alone with Aunt Emma, she decides she’s going to be the nicest she’s every been – so sickly sweet that it’ll drive Aunt Emma crazy! Let the games begin …

Be Nice to Aunt Emma cover
Anne Fine author

Anne Fine  was the second UK Children’s Laureate and has won the Carnegie Medal twice, for Goggle Eyes and Flour Babies. She has written many children’s classics, perhaps most famously Madame Doubtfire, the basis for the Hollywood film Mrs Doubtfire. Anne says, “When I was young, it never occurred to me to be an author. But one day I couldn’t get to the library in a snowstorm and so sat down and started on a novel. This was the right job for me – I have never stopped writing for more than a few weeks since.”

Gareth Conway is an illustrator and animation character and background designer. He graduated from The Surrey Institute of Art and Design with a degree in animation and has worked in children’s television animation ever since. Gareth started working on illustration projects in 2007 and in that time he has illustrated joke books, activity books, sticker books, educational reading books and young fiction books, poems, and puzzles.

Book Review

My favourite character is Aunt Emma because she is a funny, kind of rude but she is also loving inside.

Tansy is dreading her visit from her Aunt Emma. Aunt Emma comes to visit twice every year. Once on her way to Scotland and once on her way back. There are many reasons why Tansy dreads the visit: she does not like Aunt Emma, her aunt sleeps in her room so she has to sleep in her mom’s study and worst of all Aunt Emma is rude about everything.

And the worst part is that her parents make her be nice to Aunt Emma. But there is something exciting about to happen to Tansy this year that she doesn’t know about… Will Tansy be nice to Aunt Emma or be as equally rude???

This story is a very funny story about a girl and her aunt. It has funny parts, twists and turns.

My favourite character is Aunt Emma because she is a funny, kind of rude but she is also loving inside.

The best bit for me in this book is definitely when Aunt Emma and Tansy glare at each other over the table and the parents have no idea what’s going on. My least favourite part is when they describe the dog, it’s very disgusting.

It is quite a short book too so all kids would be able to read it. I really recommend this book to anyone who wants a bit of a laugh.

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