Kid’s Book Review: Bedtime Stories – Amazing Asian Tales from the Past

Kid’s Book Review: Bedtime Stories – Amazing Asian Tales from the Past

About the Collection, the Authors and Illustrators

The Bedtime Stories collections from Scholastic are perfect for bedtime reading. In this volume all the short historical stories are based on important figures and events from Asian history. Written and illustrated by creators with heritage from across the continent of Asia, these stories are interesting and help children to learn and understand more about Asian heritage as well as being the perfect length for enjoy at the end of the day. Older children can read the stories independently and younger children will listening to the stories being read aloud whilst looking at the pictures.

Examples of stories that are included are:

King Sejong the Great, a Korean King who invented an alphabet
Julia Domna, a Syrian princess and Roman empress
Margaret Lin Xavier, Thailand’s first female doctor
Sake Deen Mohammed, the Indian man who brought shampooing and curry to Britain.

Written by: Sufiya Ahmed, Maisie Chan, Shae Davies, Saima Mir, Bali Rai, Annabelle Sami, Rebeka Shaid, Cynthia So and Rekha Waheed.

Illustrated by: Ginnie Hsu, Aaliya Jaheel, Jocelyn Kao, Jennifer Khatun, Hannah Li, Debby Rahmalia, Abeeha Tariq, Kubra Teber, Tika and Tata and Amanda Yoshida.

Book Review

I had lots of amazing images in my mind as I was reading the stories

Wow! these stories were great. They were so cool, they had lots of adjectives and the stories were all so detailed .
There were so many adjectives on each page that I had lots of amazing images in my mind as I was reading the stories.

The stories are all set in the past when life was very different. It was very interesting to read about that because it’s so different to our lives today.

My favourite story was ‘Roxana’ because it had a shock ending! I was very surprised and had to read the page twice to believe it!

I would recommend this book to all children. There are so many different stories and you will know more about the history of Asia too.

The stories are really interesting and you will not want to stop reading them.

The illustrations and patterns were beautiful and really bought the stories to life.

Each story is short enough to read one every night before bed!

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