Kid’s Book Review: Big Bad Wolf Investigates Fairytales

Kid’s Book Review: Big Bad Wolf Investigates Fairytales

About the Book, Author and Illustrator

Did a princess really feel a tiny pea through a mountain of mattresses? And could a pumpkin actually turn into a carriage to carry Cinderella to the ball? Of course not! It’s all a load of fairytale NONSENSE! Or is it . . . ?

The Big Bad Wolf is on a mission to find the truth behind these tales, and clear his name in the process.

Combining STEM topics with classic stories children know and love, this is fun, beautifully illustrated  picture book is an original concept that will appeal to inquisitive children asking all the big questions that most grown-ups don’t know the answers to!

Catherine Cawthorne always wanted to be an author like Jo March from Little Women, or Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables. But then she also wanted to be a toothpaste tester and to own a café called Hot Plate selling hot Ribena and Wispas.

Sara Ogilvie is an award-winning illustrator and printmaker who won the 2011 Booktrust Best New Illustrator Award. She has worked with authors including Julia Donaldson, Phil Earle, Andy Shepherd and Anna Kemp. In addition to her children’s illustrations, Sara creates prints and artwork that are exhibited worldwide.


Book Review

This book is really fun

I really liked this book because it tells us that some of the things in fairy tales aren’t actually possible and true. Like in the three little pigs wolves can’t actually huff and puff. The most likely animal to be able to blow a house down is actually an angry grey whale!

There are lots of experiments to help you find out things like, how hard you can huff and puff, and how sensitive your bottom is.

When me and my sister did the princess and the pea experiment we had to sit on a Lego person’s head and each time we put another layer of knickers on until we couldn’t feel it anymore! I needed 10 pairs!!!!!

We also did the three little pigs experiment and it was measuring how far you can blow a Malteser in one breath. I managed 160 cm and my mum kept failing every time! (see a picture of me and my sister  below).

This book is really fun.

The illustrations are really nice and there’s lots to look at on each page and they help to tell the stories and show what to do for the experiments.

I would recommend this book to people who really like science and experiments and also fairy tales.

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  • Name: Nora
  • Age: 7 years
  • Likes: Reading, swimming and guinea-pigs
  • Dislikes: losing my teeth and bedtime
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