Kid’s Book Review: Bigg School – Double Drama

Kid’s Book Review: Bigg School – Double Drama

About the Book, Author and Illustrator

Life isn’t easy for Daniel Littleton – Mum’s poorly, Dad’s always working and his twin sisters drive him up the wall! At school he’s the only kid without the latest trainers or Xbox and his mates are starting to notice.

Things look up when he gets a starring role in the school play – though if his football-mad mates find out, they’ll make his life a misery! But leading a double life is tricky and before long, Daniel’s lies start spinning out of control…

Lisa Williamson

Lisa Williamson  studied drama at Middlesex University and following graduation worked as an actor on stage and TV.Her first novel, The Art of Being Normal won a number of prizes including the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize for Best Older Fiction 2016. She has written three other YA novels and non-fiction for younger children

Jess Bradley is an illustrator and writer who  likes drawing in her sketchbooks, reading, playing video games and watching cartoons with her son. In 2021 she won a Blue Peter Book Award for her work on A Day in the Life of a Poo, a Gnu and You.

Another reviewer enjoyed reading Best Friends Forever, also written and illustrated by Lisa and Jess and published by Simon & Schuster.

Book Review

It's a really good book for children and adults to read and learn that no one has an easy life and how we can face challenges in life with friendship and kindness

This is a story about a boy in high school and the challanges he has in life. He has quite a lot of challanges like with friendship and family things but he finds something he really enjoys and makes new friends in the drama club. Lots of people in real life have different challanges so the story helps you understand that.

The front cover and the little illustrations inside all are so cool and make the book fun to read.

My favourite part was when on boxing day they go out and the main character has Lotus Biscoff Icecream, thats my favourite flavour too!

The drama club parts are also my favourite, everyone is surpried about the stage because its so good like the real wizard of oz. There is a lot of description in the story so we can really imagine everything.

It’s a really good book for children and adults to read and learn that no one has an easy life and how we can face challenges in life with friendship and kindness.

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Reviewer Profile

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  • Name: Muhammad Yusuf
  • Age: 7 years
  • Likes: visiting museums, Lego and reading
  • Dislikes: getting ouches and spicy food
  • Favourite Book: Shark in the Park by Nick Sharratt
  • Favourite Song: You Are My Sunshine
  • Favourite Film: Zootopia