Kid’s Book Review: Blanksy the Street Cat

Kid’s Book Review: Blanksy the Street Cat

About the Book, Author and Illustrator

This slim, pocket-sized book is enticing to any young independent reader. With fun, full-colour illustrations and not too long, it is a fantastic example of a ‘bridge’ that will help children to progress from picture books to conventional middle grade fiction. We like the art references and name play with the famous street artist known as ‘Banksy’.

Seascapes and landscapes, snowy-capped hills. Colourful tulips and gold daffodils. His art was incredible, vibrant and loud. Enough to make Pablo Picasso feel proud!


Gavin Puckett

Gavin Puckett is a children’s author from South Wales, where he lives with his wife, young son and their beloved cat, George. Gavin Puckett was the winner of the 2013 Greenhouse Funny Prize, and his first book ‘Murray the Horse’ was published with Faber Children’s in June 2015.

Allen Fatimaharan is a freelance illustrator and animator specialising in children’s books, character design, editorial illustration, comics and motion graphics.

Book Review

I would absolutely LOVE to recommend this book to other children in my class

I love how colourful the front cover of this book is, it made me to want to read it. The size of the book is a perfect to put in my bag to take on holiday.

This book is about a cat called Blanksy and a busker called Pete. Pete loved busking and came across a handsome cat who was a stray. It made me happy that they became friends. I felt kind of angry and sad at the same time when people were not listening to Pete’s music and were always on their phones. I was happy when I read that Blanksy wanted to do something to help, this is what I would do if my friend needed help. He wanted to do something about it. One day he came across some paints and paint brushes and had a plan to doodle on the dull, grey walls. Then lots of people came to see the art work and listen to the music. They had lots of money and could afford a hotel and eat pizza.

I think this book is really funny because it says ‘I will put ants in your pants that will make you want to dance’ and it says ‘poopy doopy’. I liked singing the songs out loud. My favourite part is where Blanksy finds some paint and paint brushes.

This was an easy book to read so I finished quickly. The pictures in the book are so eye-catching.

I would absolutely LOVE to recommend this book to other children in my class.

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