Kid’s Book Review: Blue

Kid’s Book Review: Blue

About the Book and Author / Illustrator

This picture book with muted illustrations in blue/grey tones is designed to help young children manage their powerful feelings.

Once I had a secret that was big and monstery . . . I thought of it as Blue.
But Blue the monster doesn’t have to be scary.

And he doesn’t have to be a secret. After all, we all feel blue from time to time and talking about it helps.

Sarah Christou is completing her MA at the Ruskin School of Art in Cambridge.

Book Review

Dylan understood the messaging behind it by the end of the book

This is such a beautiful book and will help kids to understand and manage emotions.

It’s a simple and powerful book which every parent should have on their book shelf.

Dylan loved the turning point in the book (which we won’t give away) and understood the messaging behind it by the end of the book.

We really love it and highly recommend it!

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Reviewer Profile

Dylan - young reviewer
  • Name: Dylan
  • Age: 3 years
  • Likes: books, Play-Doh and playing with sand and water
  • Dislikes: being annoyed by the dog and being indoors all day
  • Favourite Film: Once upon a Snowman
  • Favourite Song: Hey Duggee - The Stick Song