Kid’s Book Review: Boom Boom

Kid’s Book Review: Boom Boom

About the Book and Author

Osaik lives a happy, charmed life, his loyal dog Kompa always by his side. But his mother suffers from sickle cell disease, and one day his world is thrown into disarray when it takes her away from him.

Despite his grief, Osaik has to find a way of saving his little sister, Eghe, from the same fate. There is no time to waste as he, his dad, and the ever-faithful Kompa begin a race to get her all the help she needs.

Boom Boom
Jude Idada

Jude Idada is an award-winning screenwriter, actor, poet and playwright. Boom Boom is the first of his books to be published outside of Nigeria.

Book Review

an amazing book spreading information about the illness that is Sickle Cell Anaemia

Boom Boom is an amazing book spreading information about the illness that is Sickle Cell Anaemia which effects the red blood cells in your body causing them to not be able to carry oxygen. This books then manages to portray this problem in the best possible way, allowing people to learn all this information. This book does have some hard-hitting points like how the mother dies early in the book of the disease that her daughter has. This causes the reader to have a large amount of empathy for the family.

My favourite character is the book is Eghe Boom Boom as she is always resilient throughout the book and shows the reader that life can be tough, but we can get through it no matter how bad it can be. Her characteristics also complement with her brother who is playful but loses hope very quickly in tough situations.

The author has also done a good job of using powerful adjectives to create exceptional descriptions, allowing the reader to connect into the powerful topics the author is addressing meaning more people can find out about Sickle Cell Anaemia and what effects it can have on people. This creates a better environment for those who suffer from it and also encourages us to support the charities setup for people who have it.

I would recommend this book to most people as it will spread the word about Sickle Celled Anaemia so they can be supported throughout life and receive the transplants which could possibly save their lives.


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