Kid’s Book Review: Brilliant Black British History

Kid’s Book Review: Brilliant Black British History

About the Book, Author and Illustrator

Congratulations to Bloomsbury for publishing this comprehensive, accessible and fact-packed guide to Black History which cover subjects ranging from science and sport to literature and law, celebrating the brilliant Black people who have helped build Britain.

Young readers like Emaan, our reviewer, can find out about key and complex historical topics such as the world wars, slavery, the industrial revolution, Windrush and the Black Lives Matter movement and join this fascinating journey through the ages to meet the first Black Britons, as well as the Black Romans, Tudors, Georgians and Victorians, who existed in every walk of life in Britain.

Brilliant Black British History

Atinuke was born in Nigeria and moved to the UK when she was a child. Her first love was performing stories and she now pours her creative talents into writing children’s books. Many of her books, such as Africa, Amazing Africa (Walker), which won the 2020 School Library Association’s Information Book Award, are inspired by the beautiful continent of Africa.

Kingsley is a Nigerian graphic designer, illustrator and artist based in London. Crazy for comics, fanatical about films and absolutely inspired by African art, Kingsley is recognised for both his commercial and gallery work. He made his debut in 2017 with his solo exhibition entitled ‘A Soulful Mind’.

Book Review

I am going to keep this on my bookshelf and keep learning new information from it

When I saw this book, I thought ‘wow!’, this is such a colourful and eye catching cover and I love learning about Black British history so straightaway I wanted to look through it. There is loads of really interesting information. One of the most interesting pages was about the ‘Stolen People’, I can’t believe Britain stole 3.1 million black people and only 2.7 millions made it off the ship alive because they were crammed together with no toilets and no windows. I can’t believe that children were stolen too and millions of black people had chains around their necks so that they didn’t escape.

I have learned so much from this amazing book. I have learnt that melanin blocks out the sun’s ultraviolet rays and makes skin dark but 99.9 per cent of our DNA is the same even if our skin colour is different. In the Ice age, there were no shops and humans had to hunt for food. I was shocked to find out that the first Briton was black! It was interesting to learn about the Celts, the Romans, the Tudors and Stuarts. I didn’t know that there were lots of Black people in the Tudor and Stuart Britain.

I felt sorry, sad, disappointed and angry that Black people were treated so badly.

I had already learned a bit about the triangular trade in my history lessons at school, but this book gave me more information, I can’t believe selling stolen people was what made Britain rich.

I was happy when I read the pages about the Rebellion because people were protesting about equal rights and everyone should have equal rights. I had never heard of Black Georgians, I was fascinated to read about Ayuba Suleiman Diallo who was a muslim scholar before he was stolen. He actually wrote the whole of the Quran from his memory, my mummy told me that he did not have a computer so wrote it all by hand on paper!

I have never heard of Lord Mansfield, but now I know that he made slavery illegal.

The pictures in the book are really colourful and helped make  images in my head.

I liked the pages at the end ‘Black people make Britain Great’, my favourite person on here is Malorie Blackman because she wrote one of my favourite book series called Betsey Bigglelow.

I am definitely taking this book to school because it is Black History month and I want to share all this information with my friends. I am going to keep this on my bookshelf and keep learning new information from it.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Emaan
  • Age: 7 years
  • Likes: swimming, crafts, and fun fairs
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