Kid’s Book Review: Bug Belly : Babysitting Trouble

Kid’s Book Review: Bug Belly : Babysitting Trouble

About the Book and Author

Babysitting Trouble is the first title in a nature series for young children by Paul Morton. It is a story but one that also introduces science and nature to children aged 5-7 years.

In the book are diagrams and illustrations in a froggy green colour along with fun activity suggestions.  Associated resources can be downloaded making this book is perfect for interactive Spring-time learning about pond-life by parents or in school.

It’s Uncle Bug Belly’s turn to babysit! The taddies and froglets in Top Pond can count on him for lots of Froggy Fun…But when Uncle Bug Belly’s tummy goes URGLE-GURGLE-GLUMP! everyone knows that spells one thing – TROUBLE!

Will Uncle Bug Belly’s penchant for tasty snacks lead him and the taddies astray, straight into the hungry jaws of Old Pike, Heron or Sneaky Snake?

Bug Belly cover
Paul Morton

Paul Morton is an exciting debut author/illustrator with lots of stories to tell. He has produced dozens of children’s board games, some for Pixar and Disney, as well as artwork for educational books. Find out more about Paul at Bug Belly Blogspot.

This is his first book for Five Quills and a sequel will be published Summer 2021.

The publisher has created some fantastic learning resources you can download here. 

Book Review

The best part was how Bug Belly managed to get rid of the dangerous snake with his cleverest plan

The story about frogs was really funny, especially the frog called Bug Belly. He has some fantastic ideas. I like the way Bug Belly looks after the tadpoles and I wish I had a fun uncle like him. The best part was how Bugbelly managed to get rid of the dangerous snake with his cleverest plan!
There were so many exciting things happening that I wanted to finish the whole book at once.

There are lots of pictures which were nice to look at. The book has some great maps and diagrams which helped me to understand what the author was trying to say.

Mums thoughts: My boys loved this book and didn’t want me to stop reading. Its divided into short and simple chapters great for reading when you have a few minutes. But each chapter ends on a cliffhanger so the children want to hear more! Definitely engaging and we loved it

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Sulaymān
  • Age: 4 years
  • Likes: bike-riding, splashing in puddles and drawing
  • Dislikes: singing and swimming
  • Favourite Book: Graphic Dinosaurs
  • Favourite Song: Tala'a Al Badru Alayna (Arabic song)