Kid’s Book Review: Cat on the Run

Kid’s Book Review: Cat on the Run

About the Book and Author

Cat on the Run is the first in a series of funny stories about Princess Beautiful, the most famous cat in the world.

Accused of a serious crime she is forced to go on the run. Is she a super villain? An internet-famous buffoon? Or a butt-kicking gal who’s just been seriously underestimated? YOU be the judge…

Aaron Blabey is an author. He is also the co-executive producer of the The Bad Guys movie by DreamWorks Animation and the upcoming Netflix movie-musical adaptation of Thelma the Unicorn


Jesse's Book Review

I read it fast because I was hooked by the plot

I liked that it made me think about what it would be like if I was in Princess Beautiful’s world. The video world made me wonder if it would it be good or bad to be a star. I enjoyed how the cat was so cute yet it was so bad. I loved it because it had so much description through pictures.

The first story is about an evil cat who tries to destroy the planet. The storytelling was very detailed through the pictures used. I read it fast because I was hooked by the plot and wanted to know what she would do next and what would happen.

[spoiler alert] In the end the cat turned from bad to good which I liked

This wasn’t like a normal reading book but told through pictures and comic style.
Overall, I liked the way illustrations and the detail such as comments like real online videos.

The message was that it is better to be good than bad.

I would say it is suitable for children aged 6-9 years.



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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Jesse
  • Age: 6 years
  • Likes: Football, musicals and olives
  • Dislikes: Broad beans and tidying his room
  • Favourite Book: Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling
  • Favourite Song: Any from Matilda the Musical
  • Favourite TV Show: The Fixies