Kid’s Book Review: Chews Your Own Tasty Adventure

Kid’s Book Review: Chews Your Own Tasty Adventure

About the Book

From cupcakes to churros and paratha to pide, chews each ingredient in an interactive game and then see which recipes you can create.

Perfect for beginner cooks to start their cooking adventure, with a maximum of six key ingredients for each recipe and clear and simple instructions, but also challenges young cooks to experiment with new techniques and ingredients.

Includes fun facts for each recipe and lots of top tips!

Sai Pathmanathan used to be a neuroscientist before she moved into science communication and education. She covers all science subjects in her work for readers ranging from preschoolers to post-graduates!

Lucia Vinti studied illustration at the University of Brighton who makes work about people, places, food and culture. Working primarily by hand using pencil, paint and collage, Lucia creates playful and expressive illustrations that add a sense of personality and joyfulness to a wide range of commissions and clients, spanning branding, editorial, corporate, publishing and children’s books.


Book Review

a great thing is that it's full of vegetarian recipes

‘Chews Your Own Tasty Adventure’ by Dr Sai Pathman and Lucia Viniti is very interesting but easy to read because it’s a recipe book.

The first thing that caught my eye are the simple and striking  illustrations.

A great thing is that it’s full of vegetarian recipes. I like that some of the recipes are puddings and the rest are main meals.

Overall I rate this book 10/10,

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  • Name: Amaya
  • Age: 10 years
  • Likes: Drawing, reading and writing
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