Kid’s Book Review: Chronicles of a Lizard Nobody

Kid’s Book Review: Chronicles of a Lizard Nobody

About the Book, Author and Illustrator

Zeke and Daniel have just been made hall monitors by Principal Wombat. This has nothing to do with the fact that they are monitor lizards. And never mind the fact Alicia, the only other monitor lizard in the school, is also a hall monitor.

Somehow, the three hall monitors must impose order on arrogant lions, excitable seals and super-relaxed pandas.And worst of all, there is Pelicarnassus! A pompous giant pelican and the son of a major supervillain, who inexplicably has it out for the lizards.

Can the hall monitor lizards and their new friend, a blind, fearsome red-tailed hawk, protect their school from all manner of outlandish threats?


Patrick Ness has written books for adults and and 10 novels for young adults (The Knife of Never Letting Go, The Ask and the Answer, Monsters of Men, A Monster Calls, More Than This, The Rest of Us Just Live Here, Release, And the Ocean Was Our Sky, Burn and Different for Boys).

Tim Miller is the author-illustrator of Moo Moo in a Tutu, What’s Cooking, Moo Moo?, Tiny Kitty, Big City, and Izzy Paints. He is also the illustrator of Horse Meets Dog by Elliott Kalan, Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book) and Snappsy the Alligator And His Best Friend Forever! (Probably) by Julie Falatko, Margarash by Mark Riddle, and the middle grade series Hamstersaurus Rex by Tom O’Donnell.

Book Review

I would recommend this book to children who like stories with problems and solutions

This book is quite funny and very interesting. There are lots of funny bits that make you laugh and it’s really enjoyable to read.

There are sad bits too. It’s sad when one of the monitor lizards loses his job, but overall it’s not sad.

My favourite part is when the monitor lizard earns his job back. It really made me feel great that the plot was like this.

I would recommend this book to children who like stories with problems and solutions. This book has a really good plot from start to finish and I liked how it was.

The illustrations are cool and I really liked that I could colour in the front cover of the proof!


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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Muhammad Yusuf
  • Age: 8 years
  • Likes: Lego, reading and football
  • Dislikes: getting hurt and spicy food
  • Superpower: Super-fast Lego builder
  • Favourite author : Roald Dhal
  • Favourite Film: Luca