Kid’s Book Review: Climate Action

Kid’s Book Review: Climate Action

About the Book, Author and Illustrator

In this beautifully designed and well-thought-out book, expert Georgina Stevens shares not only the facts, but she also shares hope and examples of what we can be doing to do our bit in saving our beautiful marvellous planet.

Learn about the causes of climate change and how it is affecting our world. Explore the human impact and what it means to have a carbon footprint. Read about creative ideas for tackling the climate crisis. Be inspired by the positive stories from young changemakers around the globe. Get tips on how to take actions and reduce your carbon footprint.

Our planet needs us, and we need our planet.

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Georgina Stevens  is a sustainability writer, advisor and campaigner. She is a big believer that each of us has the power to make seismic change in our world, and she organises the Be The Change events to help plant seeds of inspiration in this direction.

Katie Rewse graduated with a Masters Degree in Illustration from the Arts University Bournemouth in 2017. Whilst studying, Katie was longlisted in the House of Illustration and Folio Society Book Competition, and shortlisted for the Batsford Prize.

Book Review

The changemaker sections had lots of inspirational ideas from children around the world

I thought this book was really good and it was brilliant for stopping climate change.

There were lots of ideas of ways to stop climate change like: if you planted more plants and flowers on the roofs off big buildings, than it will stop air pollution.

Also, if you stop using lots of greenhouse gases it will stop heat pollution that’s heating up the earth.

There is also a fact about forests, if we stop chopping down so many trees there will be more wildlife in the world.

It has really good, detailed pictures that really make you think about what’s going on.

The changemaker sections had lots of inspirational ideas from children around the world. Eg. a girl in Egypt worked out how to turn waste plastic into biofuel.

Another thing I found really interesting – it said that for every Climate Action book sold in the UK a tree will be planted. Awesome!

So, those are some reasons this is a fantastic book. I recommend it to everyone 5 or over. I rate this book 5 STARS!!!!!

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