Kid’s Book Review: The Treasure Hunters

Kid’s Book Review: The Treasure Hunters

About the Book and Author

When lonely Vincent is forced to go on an outdoor activity weekend with three other kids from his class, he’s counting the seconds until he can escape home.

But one of his classmates is hiding a secret: she’s convinced there’s pirate treasure buried deep within a nearby mountain.

Suddenly, this boring trip becomes an exciting adventure! But a thief is hot on the trail, intent on stealing the loot for themselves… can the Treasure Hunters work together to stop them?

Lisa Thompson author

Lisa Thompson is a children’s novelist. Her debut novel, The Goldfish Boy, was published in the UK and North America in 2017 and went on to become a bestseller. The Goldfish Boy has been nominated for numerous awards including the Carnegie Medal, The Branford Boase Award and the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize and was given a starred review by Kirkus Reviews.

Lisa has gone on to write more best-selling novels, including The Light Jar, The Day I Was Erased and The Boy Who Fooled The World. Her novella, Owen and the Soldier, was shortlisted for the Blue Peter Book Awards.


Book Review

This book is full of descriptions of the vast and vibrant outdoors, taking the characters on an epic adventure

This book is about a boring challenge which turns into an epic treasure hunt. Vincent, Scarlett ,Lena and Josh are chosen by the school to go on a wilderness challenge because they are very lonely in school. In the challenge they have to trek over menacing mountains, camp overnight and carry heavy tents.

Lena is adventurous and believes in lots of mystical things whilst Vincent really did not want to go on the adventure. Lena is sure that there is treasure to be found, and convinces the four to stray the path to find the treasure. They are doing fine,until they are caught by a thief who wants the treasure for himself! What will happen next?

This book is full of descriptions of the vast and vibrant outdoors, taking the characters on an epic adventure. This book will really appeal to people who like adventures set in the outdoors. Personally, I am more of a mystery girl so it is probably not the book have enjoyed reviewing the most, so far. But if you like reading daring adventures involving characters who have interesting personalities trying to get-on as a team,  I think you will love it!

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Radhika
  • Age: 7 years
  • Likes: reading, acting and gymnastics
  • Dislikes: eating and running
  • Favourite Book: The Sinclairs Mysteries by Katherine Woodfine
  • Favourite Song: Never Enough from The Greatest Showman
  • Favourite Film: The Harry Potter movies