Kid’s Book Review: Dasher Can’t Wait for Christmas

Kid’s Book Review: Dasher Can’t Wait for Christmas

About the Book and Author and Illustrator

This beautifully illustrated Christmas story about one of Santa’s reindeer is perfect for getting in the mood for the festive season.

Dasher is impatient for Christmas and leaves home her own but she gets lost and is unable to use the North Star as a guide home. Fortunately Dasher meets a young child whose kindness and a gift helps her find her way back to the North Pole just in time for Christmas Eve.

Matt Tavares

Author-illustrator Matt Tavares was born in Boston, and grew up surrounded by books and reading. From the time he was very young, his mother read to him every night, and his family made countless trips to the public library. Years later, as a studio art major at Bates College, he rediscovered his love for picture books, and decided to try to make his own. Now is is the creator of over 20 books for children.

Book Review

I like the North Star and I have seen it!

Megan’s views:
I like the picture of Dasher, she looks cute – she is definitely a girl. I’m not sure if Charlie is a boy or a girl.
I’m not sure I should be reading this as it’s not Christmas yet, but the story is good and makes me feel excited about it.
Now, I can’t wait for Christmas – like Dasher.

But I have to say, I don’t think that Dasher have crept out without telling her mum because she would be worried, so I’m not sure that it is a good example to set. And I don’t think Dasher would have gone into the workshop as animals are not allowed indoors.
I like the North Star and I have seen it!

Mum’s views:
It is a lovely story – but Megan has a strong sense of right and wrong so she was concerned that Dasher crept out at night away from her family and then got lost! She loved the pictures, beautiful illustrations and kind of had a sense of Christmas magic. We both talked about Charlie helping Dasher and that was kind, and that good thought was paid back when Santa brought back the compass with the special note.

We both enjoyed reading this book. It brought up lots of conversation starters about what Megan likes about Christmas, especially the build-up and all of the special family activities we looking forward to enjoying together.


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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Megan
  • Age: 6 years
  • Likes: Playing in the park and eating cake
  • Dislikes: Big dogs and having my nose wiped
  • Favourite Book: The Folk of the Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton
  • Favourite Film: Zombies
  • Favourite Song: Shotgun by George Ezra