Kid’s Book Review: Diagnosis Danger!

Kid’s Book Review: Diagnosis Danger!

About the Book and Author

Fast-talking, quick-thinking, risk-taking twins Ali and Tulip are the Double Detectives. In this story they have to solve a medical mystery when one of their friends gets hurt and then disappears. This is the second book in the series by author Roopi Farooki to be published by Oxford University Press.

The first book in the series is this one

Diagnsis Danger
Roopa Farroki

Roopa Farooki was born in Lahore, Pakistan in 1974, to a Pakistani father and Bangladeshi mother, and is the youngest of three sisters. She moved to the UK when she was seven months old, and was brought up in central London. She read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at New College, Oxford, had a brief period as a graduate trainee accountant at Arthur Andersen, and then worked in advertising until 2004, when she became a full-time writer.

Roopa’s first novel, ‘Bitter Sweets’ was nominated for the Orange New Writers Award 2007, and was followed by ‘Corner Shop’ in 2008. Her third novel, ‘The Way Things Look To Me’ was voted one of The Times Top 50 Paperbacks of 2009, and longlisted for the Orange Prize and the Impac Dublin Literary Award. Her fourth novel, ‘Half Life’ was selected as No.2 on Entertainment Weekly’s Top Eighteen Books We Can’t Wait To Read this Summer and shortlisted for the Muslim Writers’ Awards. Roopa’s fifth novel, ‘The Flying Man’ was published by Headline in 2012 and longlisted for the Orange Prize. Her sixth novel, ‘The Good Children’ was published in 2014 by Headline/Tinder Press.

In 2013 Roopa was awarded the John C. Laurence prize from the Authors’ Foundation, in recognition of her multicultural writing.

Book Review

I enjoyed reading this book because it is beautifully hilarious.

I enjoyed reading this book because it is beautifully hilarious.
Overall, it is enjoyable to read but it did have some slightly odd parts in it. For example, for some reason the nan was not a stereotypical old granny. Instead she was because she was a nutter and outrageous! I would say she is my favourite character.
I did not enjoy the relationship between the two main characters because they argued a lot. The villain’s name reminded me of sprouts and I found this amusing.

The author was very keen on telling the reader about health and medical information so the book was a mixture of fact and fiction.

The questions in the story took a long time to be answered for me and sometimes the plot was very mysterious .

I would recommend reading the first book before this sequel because then the reader would already be familiar with the characters and get into the story more quickly. The author included lots of modern technology and you when you read this book be aware that the twin characters use lots of modern slang.

My favourite line that stuck in my head was when the twin characters spoke about money, “You’re lucky! I bet with the stuff that jangles, not the stuff that folds.”

I would recommend this book to a young person who enjoys technology and social media.
I feel like the end was not the last of the stories about the twins and their zany nan. I hope that there will be more mysteries for them to solve.

So, if you like mystery stories this series is perfect for you.

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