Kid’s Book Review: The Story Shop – Dino Danger!

Kid’s Book Review: The Story Shop – Dino Danger!

About the Book and Author

The Story Shop is packed full of plots, costumes and characters galore. And shopkeepers Wilbur and Fred are ready and waiting to find every customer their perfect adventure!

When scaredy Bear stumbles into the shop, he’s NOT ready for anything … especially when Wilbur and Fred suggest a run-for-your-life dinosaur adventure!

Join Bear as he summons his courage to outplay Big T in a game of crazy golf, is given the run around by a trio of Tricera-tots and turns detective to hunt out the veggie thief and restore peas to the dino allotment.

Tracey Corderoy author

Tracey Corderoy was once a trained primary school teacher, Tracey is now an award-winning writer. She loves visiting schools, libraries and bookshops, bringing her stories to life with bright, engaging events, and inspiring children to want to be writers too!

Tony Neal’s passion for art has lead to a blooming career in children’s book illustration. When not working, he enjoys a spot of fishing, spicy food and rocking out on his bass guitar in a local band.

Tracey and Tony also created The Story Shop – Blast Off! 

Book Review

This is the first full book I have read to myself in bed as I enjoyed it so much. I read it in 2 days!

Jesse says: This is the first full book I have read to myself in bed as I enjoyed it so much. I read it in 2 days!

It is different to most books as you go inside the story from a story shop. The story shop is the first place readers visit and it is full of stories and imagination. Not just books but adventures you get to go into so it is unusual. It is like a story inside a story.

The start is very exciting as it tells you about the story shop for the first time and let’s you know it won’t be normal. I kept reading more and more to find out what happened in the adventure.

The main character is called Bear. I like Bear because he is kind and gentle. He went into the story and picked the book which makes him have to be brave and try new things.

This book is about bear going into the Dino Danger story. The dino world is cool as it is back in time and has lots of different dinosaurs.

I liked that we met a T-rex close to the start. The T-rex was actually a bit kind because he let the others play a game.

The pictures were good to show the dinosaurs and how they felt but my favourite was when they had to go into dino poo and it showed it.

I actually really enjoyed all the adjectives the writer used because they made it more exciting. Things like ‘I just found this special rock’ as it made me want to know more about the rock. Also ‘GIANT ‘Pterodactyl’ as this made me imagine it even more.

I liked the happy ending and I felt great as everyone was okay. It made me want to go back in the story shop again.

There is a message in the story about making friends (even with dinosaurs) and being brave.

I would recommend it to children aged 6 – 8 years.


Mum says: This time I have not read the book at all as Jesse started it himself and didn’t want to put it down! It is the first book he has read and he read all 138 pages by himself, in his head in bed in two days!


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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Jesse
  • Age: 6 years
  • Likes: Football, musicals and olives
  • Dislikes: Broad beans and tidying his room
  • Favourite Book: Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling
  • Favourite Song: Any from Matilda the Musical
  • Favourite TV Show: The Fixies