Kid’s Book Review: Do NOT Mess with the Mermaids

Kid’s Book Review: Do NOT Mess with the Mermaids

About the Book and Author

From writer  Michelle Robinson is another really funny book featuring some feisty mermaids and a very cute dragon called Dennis.

Grace has proved to the kingdom of Wondermere that when it comes to courage, determination, playing TROLL-O on unicorn-back and being a BRAVE KNIGHT, she’s just as good as any boy!
But now Wondermere is expecting a VERY IMPORTANT visitor: the MERMAID QUEEN of the Outer Ocean. That means frilly dresses and best behaviour – and absolutely NO RULE BREAKING.
But when a purple DRAGON EGG falls into the moat of Wondermere castle, Grace and her sister Princess Portia find themselves babysitting a BIG SECRET.

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Do not Mess with the Mermaids cover
Michelle Robinson

Michelle Robinson is the author of lots of books including: The Thunk, A Beginner’s Guide to Dinosaur Spotting, Do Not Disturb the Dragons 3, Love From Santa, Do Not Disturb the Dragons 2, The World Made a Rainbow, She Rex, Do Not Disturb the Dragons, Grandmas from Mars, A Beginner’s Guide to Bearspotting, There’s a Lion in My Cornflakes, Yak Yuk, Bear Boar. You can visit her website to find out more about her work.

Sharon Davey is an illustrator who has a background in theatre design. You can find out more about the children’s books she has illustrated by visiting her website.

Book Review

If you like strange and magical creatures and main characters who are brave, smart and fearless girls you will like this story.

I have just finished reading ‘Do NOT Mess with the Mermaids’ which is full of funny characters and it has a fun storyline about a cute little baby dragon who says ‘MEEP, MEEP’!

The main character is called Grace, she is fearless and always braking the rules of the Kingdom of Wondermere. In the story Grace has a naughty unicorn who only follows the opposite of what you say! Grace loves to play the game of the Kingdom called ‘troll-o’. In the story the mermaids from the outer ocean come for a visit which Grace doesn’t like as they play waterfolly and she think the only good game is troll-o. All the mermaids want to do is show people the game waterfolly to demonstrate why it is better.

Before the mermaids arrive, no one knows why the moat around the castle has gone purple. But you never know what Grace will find down there lurking in the water. I don’t want to tell you what happens but the book has a strange and surprising ending!

My favourite character is Portia (Grace’s sister) because she is the one who actually saves the day. They couldn’t have done it without her. But my favourite creature is definitely that cheeky little dragon!
If you like strange and magical creatures (not saying they don’t exist…) and main characters who are brave, smart and fearless girls you will like this story.

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  • Name: Ella
  • Age: 8 years
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