Kid’s Book Review: Doris

Kid’s Book Review: Doris

About the Book, Author and Illustrator

Elmer, make way for Doris….Seriously, this book is a future classic. Stylish, bright with a retro feel to the design, its quality shouts out from the bookshelf and is assured to bring a smile to reader and listeners alike!

Being a bright red elephant, Doris is VERY easy to spot. Can you see her? Of course you can. But Doris is shy – she just wants to lose herself in a colourful crowd.

Come on a journey of self-discovery as one little elephant comes to appreciate her own specialness.

A colourful adventure that will entrance even the youngest children written and illustrated by Lo Cole and published be Rocket Bird Books 



Doris front cover
Lo Cole

Lo Cole was born in the English countryside and moved to London when he was eight. His dad wrote children’s books and his mum was an illustrator. Together his parents created TV programmes for the BBC’s Watch with Mother in the 1970s, so Lo grew up surrounded by puppets, props and craft paraphernalia. At university Lo was thrown off his illustration course and instead studied printmaking. But as soon as he started working, it was his illustration that was constantly in demand from publications such as The Guardian and the Economist. Now a master of illustration, print and pattern, Gloucestershire-based creative Lo’s work has always had a strong graphic narrative. He has also had a lifelong passion for children’s books, and his bold signature style and endearing animal characters have an immediate visual appeal.

Book Review

Zaki picked it as his bedtime story every night for over a week!

Zaki was interested in the book as soon as he saw it and picked it as his bedtime story every night for over a week!

Zaki absolutely loved trying to find Doris in the beautiully illustrated and colourful pictures and we made it into a game of who could find Doris first which led to lots of laughter and fun! He liked the repetitive phrase ‘stop looking at me’ and shouted this as his line when prompted. The simplicity of the story and the repetitive nature really helped to keep Zaki engaged throughout. The length of the story is just right for his age and meant that Zaki could have the same story read to him again if he wanted. He enjoyed picking a favourite elephant from the first page and trying to find the one that matches the picture of Doris on the front cover. This page also led to ‘which is your favourite Doris?’ game! Zaki liked trying to guess where Doris might be hiding next and then turning the page to see if he was right.

Overall a really engaging and fun book with carefully chosen language and attractive picures which Zaki still chooses regularly from his bookshelf.


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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Zaki
  • Age: 3 years
  • Likes: Swimming, Spiderman and banana pancakes
  • Dislikes: Bedtime
  • Favourite Movie: Minions
  • Favourite Song: Sleeping Bunnies
  • Favourite Book: Peace at Last by Jill Murphy