Kid’s Book Review: Dreams From My Father

Kid’s Book Review: Dreams From My Father

About the Book and Author

Wow! says our 15 year reviewer, who would not usually choose to read autobiographies.

Newly abridged and updated for a young adult readership with a colour insert of never-before-seen photos, this is a revealing portrait of a young Black man asking questions about self-discovery and belonging long before he became one of the most important voices in America.

Obama’s powerful and enduring memoir has been skilfully abridged to make it accessible and engaging for young readers, giving them the opportunity to reflect on where they have come from – and where they are capable of going. Jacob was inspired by this book – we think you will be too.

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Barack Obama

Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America.

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Book Review

I enjoyed reading an autobiography as this is not a genre I would usually read. I found Barack Obama really inspiring!

Wow! What an inspiring book. As I opened the book for the first time, I imagined the book to be about Barack Obama’s life as he became president for the United States of America and what his life was like as president. However, Obama has written about his life many years before when he was not even involved in politics, and I discovered that the book is mainly focused on his race and how that affected his identity.

‘Dreams From My Father’ is a very personal account of what life was like for Barack Obama growing up in the United States. He explains that as a child and through his teenage years he never felt like he fitted in. The chapters of the autobiography describe the different stages of his early life. Obama writes with incredible descriptions of the places he resided such as Hawaii, Indonesia, Kenya and New York City and how he tries to find his purpose in life. His recounting of his past experiences allows understanding into what it means to be mixed race, living in a minority, trying to find his place in life.

The photographs in the middle of the book provide insight into the chronology of his past and allows you to really picture what Obama’s early years were like in the different settings and stages of his life. These photographs, combined with Obama’s writing skills, allows you to empathise with his actions and decisions and it is clear that the events and emotions from his early stages of his life have shaped him today in the choices and his decisions that he makes.

I found this book immensely moving and it challenged me to consider my views on race and what consequences of being a minority can have on you, and how difficult this can be. It also taught me that even if you are part of a minority, you still have a voice and can bring about change if you are determined and dedicated towards your goals. It is still possible to make a difference.

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  • Name: Jacob
  • Age: 15 years
  • Likes: sport, history and holidays
  • Dislikes: early mornings and onions
  • Favourite Book: Scythe By Neil Shusterman
  • Favourite Song: Feel Good Inc. by Gorrilaz
  • Favourite Film: Star Wars