Kid’s Book Review: Every Cloud

Kid’s Book Review: Every Cloud

About the Book and Author

Every Cloud by Ros Roberts is a story that will especially resonate someone in Year 6 who is preparing to move from primary to secondary school. During this transitional time lots of people understandably experience concerns about making new friends because no one wants to be on their own, especially when feeling out of place in an unfamiliar new school with lots of older kids who all seem super confident.

In this story with very realistic characters and scenarios Amy learns to recognise and appreciate true friends and a loving family despite their imperfections. Readers who like contemporary stories with believable characters will be rooting for Amy in this summer when everything seems to be going wrong.

Thank you to Little Tiger for sending us a copy for Kirsten to review.


Every Cloud
Ros Roberts

Amazing teachers encouraged Ros Roberts to develop her love of writing by setting her daily challenges to create poems to read to the class. She became a teacher herself; in her own classroom, free writing was a daily necessity and she felt privileged to watch the children’s progress when words flowed without boundaries. Ros loves the rain, eating brunch, tennis and TV. She loves dogs too – Texi, their beautiful Bernese mountain dog, inspired her debut book DIGGER AND ME. Ros and her family have enjoyed living abroad in Vancouver, B.C. and Austin, Texas, but she is very happy and proud to be back living with her husband and three sons in the north of England, where her roots lie.


Book Review

By the end Amy is ready to take on a new adventure, and you, the reader, can feel the sparks within her

Every Cloud is an amazing book, full of bounce and bubbles. It stars Amy, a girl in year six. Amy is going to high school, but not the one all her friends are going to. She’s going to Thornberry, the school where she knows nobody. Then she has to move in with her grandparents and tolerate her little brothers by herself for two weeks. What can she do to help herself have a good holiday?

This was such a brilliant story! I really enjoyed it. There was nothing made up or exaggerated about Amy’s thoughts, though her temper was quite fierce!

Amy started off the book feeling angsty about moving schools and not knowing anyone at her new school. But the longer she stays at her grandparents’ house and the longer she gets to know the friendly boy across the street, the more she matures. By the end she is ready to take on a new adventure, and you, the reader, can feel the sparks within her. She has also come to terms with friendships and is no longer troubled by worried thoughts such as who will be her friends at Thornberry. She really does manage to work things out.

I have just moved to secondary school in September, so lots of Amy’s feelings were all ones I have experienced recently as well. It was a lovely read, and I enjoyed every bit of it, so much so that I couldn’t put it down and read the whole book in under a day. I would recommend this to anyone, anyone at all!

But I think people who would get the most out of it would be older primary students, who can relate to Amy’s arc.

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  • Name: Kirsten
  • Age: 12 years
  • Likes: swimming , netball and writing stories
  • Dislikes: cream (on its own) and unkindness
  • Favourite Book: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
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