Kid’s Book Review: Fake

Kid’s Book Review: Fake

About the Book and Author

From Ele Fountain is a compelling thriller with fantastic characters set in a futuristic world where everyone is isolated from each other in their homes.

Imagine a world where the only other children you meet are on screen. Where infection is deadly, and everyone must stay at home until they’re immune.
This is Jess’s world. Now she’s turned fourteen, she’s allowed to go to school for the first time, away from home, away from her beloved sister Chloe. Away from online lessons to real life.
But Jess is heading into danger. Because she is a secret computer hacker. And, using her cyber skills, she is about to discover something explosive. Something that will turn everything she knows upside down. How can she tell what is real from what is fake?

Ele Fountain

Ele Fountain worked as an editor in children’s publishing where she helped launch and nurture the careers of many prize-winning and bestselling authors. Ele’s debut novel, Boy 87, won four awards and was nominated for nine more, including the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, and Lost won the 2021 Portsmouth Book Award.

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Book Review

I really cannot wait until I get to read another one of Ele's books

Fake was an absolutely amazing book! I am not going to lie I usually am not a fan of sci-fi books and I wasn’t sure what I would think, but as soon as I began reading it I was transported into the story.

I think the whole idea of living at home (a bit like Covid) and doing online learning was such a clever idea. I also loved how everything was based online as it feels like our future will be quite similar. I also really like books about school as I find it very relatable and easy to imagine.

I definitely judged every character too quickly as I never expected that from Violet. I loved how everything she said made sense and I was definitely as slow as Jess at figuring everything out. My favourite character has to be Chloe as she reminds me of my little sister. Everything she said made me laugh or brought a smile to my face, especially the messages she sent when Jess was at school. I also loved Mae – she was brave and daring all the way through.

The ending of this book was probably one of the best endings ever! I adored how everything came together in the end and ended up semi-perfectly. I think the future will end up quite like this actually but hopefully we won’t all have to stay at home all the time. I really cannot wait until I get to read another one of Ele’s books and another book like Fake.


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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Tilly
  • Age: 11 years
  • Likes: swimming, dogs and hot chocolate
  • Dislikes: mashed potatoes and tests
  • Favourite Book: The Explorer by Katherine Rundell
  • Favourite Song: Counting Stars by One Republic
  • Favourite Film: Instant Family