Kid’s Book Review: Ferris

Kid’s Book Review: Ferris

About the Book and Author

For Ferris Wilkey, it is a summer of sheer pandemonium.

Her little sister, Pinky, has vowed to become an outlaw. Uncle Ted has left Aunt Shirley and, to Ferris’s mother’s chagrin, is holed up in the Wilkey basement to paint a history of the world. And Charisse, Ferris’s grandmother, has started seeing a ghost in the doorway to her room – which seems like an alarming omen given that she is feeling unwell. But the ghost is not there to usher Charisse to the Great Beyond.

Rather, she has other plans – wild, impractical, illuminating plans. How can Ferris satisfy a spectre with Pinky terrorizing the town, Uncle Ted sending Ferris to spy on her aunt, and her father battling an invasion of raccoons?

Kate DiCamillo was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, raised in Clermont, Florida, and currently live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She writes for both children and adults and I like to think of herself as a storyteller.

Book Review

This book takes you into the pages

This is a story about a young girl called Ferris and her relationship with her family, her friends and a ghost. Will they get to light the chandelier? What will happen if they do?

There are lots of different characters and I liked them all, particularly Billy Jackson. There are good guys but also some bad guys.

I love how descriptive the book was and I could picture in my head what was happening.

The book gets more and more exciting with each chapter. There were intense, mysterious and magical moments throughout the book.

Ferris is an inquisitive and caring girl. Her grandma is unwell and she wants her to get better so there are parts of the story that are quite emotional.

I recommend this book to all girls and boys aged 8 and above

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Thea
  • Age: 8 years
  • Likes: Gymnastics, musical theatre and football
  • Dislikes: Cabbage and rainy days
  • Superpower: Creating riddles!
  • Favourite Book: Mystery of the Burnt Cottage Enid Blyton
  • Favourite Song: Getaway Car by Taylor Swift
  • Favourite Movie: Descendents