Kid’s Book Review: Fox’s Favourite Autumn

Kid’s Book Review: Fox’s Favourite Autumn

About the Book, Author and Illustrator

Tuck into this wonderful picture book introduction to the changing of seasons. There’s nothing Fox loves more in the world than autumn. And he’s going to make it last as long as he can!
As soon as Fox opened his door, he could tell. “Autumn at last! There’s so much to do!”
Autumn is Fox’s favourite time of the year. He loves tasting blackberries, scrunching and collecting leaves!
But as the days pass, Autumn starts to reach its end. Winter is coming … and Fox DEFINITELY cannot let that happen!

Fiona Barker author

Fiona Barker describes herself as “positively potty about picture books; reading them, writing them and talking about them” When writing, she longs for alliterative loveliness. When reading, she looks for “the marriage of words and artwork and I love anything that is fun to read aloud.”

Christine Pym graduated in 2006 from the North East Wales School of Art and Design after studying Illustration for Children’s Publishing and she has been penciling and painting professionally ever since using watercolour, gouache, pencils and potatoes to create her illustrations.

Book Review

it was fun to spot the snail and other woodland animals and on the pages

Freida really liked the book and it was great to read it and relate to the current season that we are in!

Even when we are out in the park Freida often refers to the book when she is ‘crunching’ in the dry, fallen leaves.

The book illustrations were great, very cute and colourful! The images danced around the pages as the story was being told. This was great for my older child Freida, and it kept her engaged whilst my youngest found it fun to spot the snail and other woodland animals and on the pages.

Freida is just grasping the concept of the four seasons within each year and the book was great at highlighting this and learning the differences between each one.

The book was great at showing Freida that all good things will come round again and it is important to enjoy everything in the moment.

I would certainly recommend the book to those of a similar age 5-7. I think even older children would benefit.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Freida
  • Age: 3 years
  • Likes: Going to the park, her bike, dancing
  • Dislikes: Soup and loud noises
  • Favourite Book: A House in the Woods by Inga Moore
  • Favourite Song: Let it Go from Frozen
  • Favourite TV Show: Peter Rabbit, the movie