Kid’s Book Review: Furthermoor

Kid’s Book Review: Furthermoor

About the Book and Author

Furthermoor is the imaginary place Bren escapes too when reality gets too much. The real world is a hostile place for twelve-year-old Bren, his schooldays stalked by vicious bully, Shaun, and his family life fractured at home. Ever since his sister Evie died in an accident, Bren’s only safe space is Furthermoor, an imagined world of mechanised trees and clockwork animals, where Evie is still alive.

In Furthermoor, no one can hurt Bren…until the mysterious Featherly arrives. Now Bren is forced to confront his deepest fears and decide if his place in the real world is worth fighting for.

Written by Darren Simpson this gripping book is published by Usborne and we recommend it to teenagers aged 13-16 years.

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Darren Simpson

Darren Simpson says he spends most of his time pretending he knows what he’s doing! After not quite making it as a drummer in a rock band, Darren turned to writing and discovered that it’s a fun way not only to escape reality, but also to explore and confront it in unusual ways. He is the author of the popular titles Scavengers and The Memory Thieves. Please visit his website to find out more about Darren.

Book Review

a captivating and gripping novel

Furthermoor by Darren Simpson is a wonderful story, telling a story about twelve-year-old Bren coping with bullying and grief.

When I first picked up the book, I did not know what to make of it, but soon after, I was spellbound and could not put the book down. As Bren comes to terms with being constantly abused by Shaun and his friends, the reader is gripped by stunning descriptions, physical and emotional.

When further through the book, Simpson shows how hard life is for Bren and how he is struggling because of his sister’s death, resulting in him being tormented by stress and him losing many friends. The book is almost a fantasy novel while Bren is inside Furthermoor, but always with the real world ominously looming overhead.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading Furthermoor because it shows the struggles that many people have in their lives, but I would recommend it for older children because it could be worrying or sad to read. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this captivating and gripping novel.

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