Kid’s Book Review: George the Wombat

Kid’s Book Review: George the Wombat

About the Book and Author

For toddlers who are ready to try sitting on a potty George the Wombat is a story to assist them (and their carers) with what can be a laborious and rather frustrating process.

George wants to play, but Mummy Wombat tells him he has to use the potty before he leaves. George is finding it very difficult until he gets some advice from his friends and Papa Wombat and he is finally successful!

Originally published in Czech, this book has been expertly translated by Alexandra Büchler and is illustrated in colour by Galina Miklínová.

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Eva Papoušková is an author of screenplays, books and playscripts. She graduated from the screenwriting department at FAMU and has written more than 120 hours for prime time TV, written one feature, and co-wrote on documentaries since. She has worked with the Oscar-winning director Malcolm Clarke. Currently she is focused on teaching screenwriting in English and writes highly-praised books for children in Czech.

Galina Miklínová is a Czech director, animator and illustrator. She graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and also studied at the University of Humberside in the UK. Among her TV and film credits is Večerníček O Kanafáskovi, Lichožrouti, winner of the International Children’s Film Festival in Chicago.

Alexandra Büchler is Director of Literature Across Frontiers (LAF). A translator and editor of numerous publications, she was born in Prague and started her career as cultural manager with the Australia Council for the Arts before moving to the UK. She has translated more than twenty books of fiction, poetry and publications on visual arts and architecture, and edited six anthologies of short fiction in Czech and English translation. Among the authors she has translated into her native Czech are J.M. Coetzee, David Malouf, Janice Galloway, Gail Jones, Jeanette Turner Hospital and Rhea Galanaki.

Book Review

Dylan’s enjoyed this book as George is a furry creature which is different to the other potty books we have been reading where the characters are human

George tries to use his potty and comes across a few challenges! His mum tells him he has to use it before he is able to go and dig a burrow in the forest. So, George gets to work. The opening of the book includes a fact about Wombats which was a great introduction I thought.We meet a few of George’s friends on his journey through this book and the cute illustrations to accompany the words.

We have been enjoying reading this with Dylan as he is going through his potty training journey. George’s potty is green which looks just like Dylan’s which he found funny! Dylan’s enjoyed this book as George is a furry creature which is different to the other potty books we have been reading where the characters are human / kids. The illustrations of George being upside down by his potty and various other angles – Dylan found cute and amusing.

Overall, this is a great book to add to a collection for potty training but it can  be used for every day reading with your toddler. The story is great and had Dylan asking ‘why?’ a lot!

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Reviewer Profile

Dylan - young reviewer
  • Name: Dylan
  • Age: 2 years
  • Likes: books, Play-Doh and playing with sand and water
  • Dislikes: being annoyed by the dog and being indoors all day
  • Favourite Film: Once upon a Snowman
  • Favourite Song: Hey Duggee - The Stick Song