Kid’s Book Review: Girl Power

Kid’s Book Review: Girl Power

About the Book and Author

Stacked with facts Girl Power is the must-have guide to India’s most influential women which will inform and inspire any young person as it showcases the true stories of fifty extraordinary people.

Researched and written by journalist Neha Hiranandani this non-fiction book celebrates the lives of fifty women who blazed a path through India’s history and influenced our world today. Each double page spread describes the impact each person had and her story is accompanied by attractive full colour watercolour illustrations by Niloufer Wadia.

Did you know that an Indian princess, Noor Inayat Khan, worked as a spy during WWII and helped gather information to defeat Nazi Germany? Or that three female scientists were key to India successfully reaching Mars first? Or that Poorna Malavath was the youngest girl to ever climb Mount Everest? This book will be enjoyed by any reader who likes Rebel Girls or similar titles about inspirational figures.

Girl Power
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Neha Hiranandani writes about current urban issues from a current urban perspective. Her columns have appeared in Indian Express, Huffington Post, NDTV and Vogue amongst others.
No holds-barred, no nonsense, no affiliations – she will say it like you think it.
She started off her career with UNICEF where she worked with government and civil society to positively influence education policy for Indian schools.
She is a global nomad who has lived in several countries across the world and she currently commutes between Mumbai and Dubai. Many of her beliefs were shaped by her life as a student at Wellesley College and Harvard University. Girl Power is her first book.

Book Review

It’s important for us to learn about women from other cultures

Scientists, artists, scholars, warriors, athletes and queens. 50 amazing, brave, spectacular and inspiring woman who helped shape our world…
Mary Kom, Bula Chowdhury and Kalpana Chawla, are only a few of these amazing women in this book. I love how much this book shows how brilliant these women are.

This book shows how the men who people thought did all the work actually worked with women to make things happen. For example, Mahatma Gandhi. Most people think that he made the British leave India by himself. But when I was reading this book, it showed me that there were many more women who helped make that happen who are not remembered or taught in history. There are so many more girls and women who have helped make this world what it is today.

My favourite girl in this book is Abbakka. She was a warrior who didn’t let anyone into her country. People only entered if they dared. It’s important for us to learn about women from other cultures.

This book is probably for ages 8 and up because you may be able to read it but you also have to understand it as well.

I really hope you enjoy this book because you will find out a lot. I really enjoyed it


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