Kid’s Book Review: Goodfellows

Kid’s Book Review: Goodfellows

About the Book and Author / Illustrator

This funny story for readers aged 8-12 years is by Tom McLaughlin and published by Barrington Stoke who commission accessible stories for reluctant young readers. It is purposefully shorter than most novels for readers of this age, contains lots of illustrations and is printed on yellowed paper to make it easier for children with dyslexia to read.

The Goodfellows are the perfect family. From helping the local community to scooping up prizes in school, there’s nothing they can’t do. And they’ve just won the holiday of a lifetime to the Big Apple!

When the family touchdown in New York and overhear a gentleman looking for the goodfellas, they can only assume he’s there to pick them up. But soon they’re involved in a diamond robbery and a gangster named Big Tony is thanking them for their impeccable work. It looks like everything for the Goodfellows is about to go very, very wrong …


Tom McLaughlin

Tom McLaughlin is an author illustrator who graduated from Falmouth College of Art. He worked from 10 years as a political cartoonist for The Western Morning News. Since going freelance he has been a animation designer for a number of TV shows, as well as an occasional columnist for The Guardian online. He started in the world of children’s publishing by illustrating other people’s books before turning his hand to writing. He has written and illustrated books for a number of publishers that have been nominated for various awards. Check out his website so find out more about his other books.

Book Review

I was disappointed that the book was short enough to read in about four nights!

First Impressions
My first impressions was that it was going to be about a family who were rich and wealthy, and that the police and possibly someone else were out
to find them.
Storyline Summary
The story was about a family who won a ticket to New York at a gangster themed restaurant but when they arrived, they met an Italian gangster group
called the Goodfellas. They were then dragged into a jewellery heist and were then tracked down by the police. They then rushed back to the store to return the stolen items which ended up creating an intense drive. The Goodfellows then returned the stolen jewellery and explained to the police what happened and the gangsters were arrested.
What I Liked
I enjoyed the intense parts in the book such as how when they arrived in New York. There was an unexpected twist for the family which dragged them into the whole mess.
I was disappointed that the book was short enough to read in about 4 nights. I wish it had been a longer as it was so good.
Round Up
This was a great book let down for me only with it being a bit short. This book would appeal mostly to people who don’t know like to know what’s going to happen next, who enjoy intense plot points. However, if you like storylines that develop more slowly this book wouldn’t be so much for you.
I personally would give this book 4 / 5.

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  • Name: Marsden
  • Age: 9 years
  • Likes: computer games, reading, riding my bike
  • Dislikes: mis-matching clothes and minced beef
  • Favourite Book: Danny Champion of the World by Roald Dahl
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