Kid’s Book Review: Granny’s Little Monsters

Kid’s Book Review: Granny’s Little Monsters

About the Book and Author

This short story for readers aged 7-11 years is about families and fun and mudlarking. It is written by Karen McCombie and contains lots of black and white illustrations that break up the text by Lee Cosgrove. It is published by Barrington Stoke, who commission and publish exciting stories that are also accessible to dyslexic and reluctant readers.

Granny’s hunt for the perfect pet brings some unexpected results in this goofy adventure of family, mudlarking and mayhem.

Zac and Essie have been helping their Granny Mo in her search for the perfect pet. She’s tried everything from cats to axolotls and just can’t find the right one. But when the trio go mudlarking in the river bank they find a creature unlike anything else … Granny Mo might have set out looking for a pet but now she’s got a monster on her hands, and it’s about to get up to some mischief!

Granny's Little Monsters cover
Karen McCombie

Karen McCombie is a bestselling author for children and teenagers, best known for the series Ally’s World, Angels Next Door and You, Me and Thing. Before becoming an author she worked for teen magazines such as J-17 and Sugar, in roles as diverse as fashion editor, quiz writer and pet correspondent. Originally from Scotland, she now lives in London with her husband, young daughter and assorted cats, who all give her inspiration for her books, whether they like it or not!

Lee Cosgrove is a life-long doodler and children’s illustrator from the UK. Working as a full time illustrator for the last 10 years Lee has enjoyed working on a wide range of projects from illustrating picture books, to board games, to billboards.


Book Review

I loved the author’s description of mudlarking, which is searching for treasure in the mud

I really liked this book. This is a story about two cousins visiting Grandma every Saturday and having a fantastic time with her. I enjoyed the book thoroughly and I couldn’t stop reading it without taking a pause. I loved the author’s description of mudlarking, which is searching for treasure in the mud. I felt like I was part of the mudlarking adventure with Granny Mo, Zac and Essie.

The items of the monster’s treasure were so interesting, like the bronze penny, a rusty key and a small silver bell. Granny Mo is cool and adventurous.The cute illustration helps me to understand what the little monster looks like and I can imagine who Granny ,Zac and Mo are. Everytime Granny borrows a pet she says ”This pet is too tricky or too messy” and she does not want to have any of them! This made Granny Mo sound repetitive but it was hilarious!

I would recommend this book to a person who likes pets or mudlarking. I would like to find treasure in the mud but I wouldn’t like to stand in the mud. I also wouldn’t want an animal that is messy or tricky. I will give this book a four star rating out of five. I wonder what Granny Mo, Zack and Essie are going to do next Saturday…

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  • Name: Luka
  • Age: 7 years
  • Likes: sausage rolls, maths and jigsaw puzzles
  • Dislikes: Mum getting cross with me and chicken
  • Favourite Book: Horrid Henry by Francesca Simon
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