Kid’s Book Review: Grimwood – Attack of the Stink Monster!

Kid’s Book Review: Grimwood – Attack of the Stink Monster!

About the Book and Author

Venture back to Grimwood in the wildly funny third book in Nadia Shireen’s bestselling and highly illustrated comedy-adventure series which features two foxes as central characters.

Bigfoot is on the loose! Ted, Nancy, Willow and the rest of the Grimwood gang must embark on their greatest adventure yet to save their home from a nasty, thieving stink monster. Monster hunters are GO!


Nadia Shireen has won awards for her picture books including the UKLA Book Award for Good Little Wolf and most recently for Barbara Throws a Wobbler, which has been described as a ‘little doorway of joy’ by Caitlin Moran. She’s also been shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize and the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, and has been Writer-Illustrator in Residence for BookTrust. Grimwood is her first series for older readers

Book Review

This book is a 'must read' it is so funny!

I first came across Grimwood back at Easter when I went into the book shop to spend my easter money and I loved that book so I asked for the second one for my birthday which I also really enjoyed so when Books Up North sent me the third one I was very excited to see what was going on with all the residence of Grimwood.

This book is a must read but I would recommend you read them all in order, so you understand where Nancy and Ted came from and the story so far.

The book is very funny and the woodlice that pops up throughout the story making little comments makes me laugh. I love treebonking and the fact that Nancy is the best player on the team is great squirrels in leotards is just funny.

My favorite part is when Pamela eats the squirrels seconds after they get married and then at the treebonking match she is not allowed to go and she doesn’t understand why the others are upset with her for eating the squirrels as they had a nice wedding!

This book is a ‘must read’ it is so funny! I really hope that there is another adventure soon.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Storm
  • Age: 8 years
  • Likes: Harry Potter, dancing and karate
  • Dislikes: wasps
  • Favourite Book: Barb the Brave by Dan & Jason
  • Favourite Song: Oi! New Kid from Matilda the musical
  • Favourite Film: Descendants