Kid’s Book Review: Hetty and the Battle of the Books

Kid’s Book Review: Hetty and the Battle of the Books

About the Book and Author

From bestselling author Anna James is a motivating read about a group of friends who are reunited by their passionate determination to save their school library. This book is celebrates reading, friendship and is an empowering reminder to young people of their capacity to make a difference. Hetty is published by Barrington Stoke so it is super accessible to reluctant and dyslexic readers.

To hear more about what inspired Anna James to write this story and to ask the author your questions you can join an on-line organised by Leeds Libraries for schools on Friday 8th July 10-11.00 am. The cost is £11.00 per school and includes a copy of Hetty. Click here for more information.


Hetty and the Battle of the Books

Anna James is a former school librarian and the best-selling author of Pages & Co (Harper Collins). Hetty is Anna’s first story to be published by Barrington Stoke. You can find out more about this author by visiting their website.

Jez Tuya is an illustrator based in Wellington City, New Zealand’s windy capital. He’s been honing his craft and working as an illustrator for many years, and over this time he’s worked for many clients in children’s book publishing, while occasionally dabbling in design work for animation.

Book Review

This book taught me that young people can make a difference in the world

I loved this book because it’s about books and reading which I love and it’s also about a library and my mummy works in a library and I love to go there with her, and know how important libraries are.

In the story the headteacher tries to close the school library and Hetty has to reunite with her friends to save it. My favourite character was Mia because she writes for the school newspaper and wrote the article that told all of the parents what was happening to the library.

I liked the illustrations. They helped me imagine the characters.

This book taught me that young people can make a difference in the world if they join together and make grown-ups see what needs to change.

I’d recommend this book to my friends and any kids from about age 6 upwards. There weren’t any words I didn’t understand and it was easy to read.


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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Cassie
  • Age: 8 years
  • Likes: Sylvanian Families, pesto pasta and Phineas and Ferb
  • Dislikes: Mr Bean and the wolf from Sunny Bunnies
  • Favourite Book: Aziza and the Secret Fairy Door by Lola Morayo
  • Favourite Film: Labyrinth
  • Favourite Song: Pinky and the Brain theme tune