Kid’s Book Review: How Do You make a Rainbow?

Kid’s Book Review: How Do You make a Rainbow?

About the Book

This rainbow-coloured picture book for children aged 2- 6 years, written by Caroline Crowe and illustrated by Cally Johnson-Isaacs, is an up-lifting story that helps to teach children their colours.

It also celebrates love, positivity and the special relationship between a child and a grandparent.

In the middle of Lockdown 3, after 12 months’ survival of a global pandemic this joyful book, that celebrates kindness, community and nature and is a welcome reminder that Springtime is just around the corner.

We decided to capture the opinions of more than one young reader so we asked nine young children from our review panel what they thought of How Do You make a Rainbow?

If you scroll down to the Kids’ Reviews you will see that they give this story, the illustrations and the activity pages a big thumbs-up!

We invited their Mums to comment too and this is their favourable feedback:

“A heart-warming story bringing rainbow cheer and helping children associate things with all the colours of the rainbow. It is lovely to see the pages in different colours too.”

“My son really is captivated by the rhyming sentences in this book. He has been listening with intent & asking me to read it again after we finish each time. He has just learnt colours and so he loves that there was colour blocking on the pages. He loved describing the different things he could see like the yellow lemon, green frog, orange pumpkin & more. He refers to the book as “Rainbow book” now and we will be reading it again no doubt! This book is great and a fantastic book to teach colours to toddlers and also the mention of different seasons is a nice touch. Overall we really loved this book!”

“My daughter described this book “as a rainbow recipe” she has loved pointing out the different colours on each page and and we talked about what she associated with each colour. Even down to Grandad wearing a tutu we had a conversation around people being able to wear whatever clothes they liked and how each of us if different. We really have enjoyed reading this book together daily sometimes more than once. It really has that lovely feel good feeling like a hug in a book.”

“A charming book with beautiful illustrations and lots of inspiration for chatting and being creative around the story.”

“This story was very heart warming. I liked the rainbow colour pages through the book. I love the Grandparent/child conversation. The colour aspect gave us plenty to chat about while we were reading the story.”

“A warming look at bringing joy and hope alive.”

“A beautifully illustrated book that evokes happy memories and makes for a  tranquil read.”

“It’s a lovely and delightful story, with a gorgeous meaning behind it.  It has sparked some interesting conversations with my children about what we can do when we feel grey.  The pictures are bright and its so visually entertaining.  A winner!”

“A very well thought out and written book with beautifully engaging illustrations focusing on children’s emotional wellbeing in a sensitive manner at a time when this topic is more important than ever.”

Big thanks to Pan Macmillan, for allowing us to preview this lovely book, and to all the reviewers for their thoughtful comments.


How do you make a rainbow cover
Caroline Crowe author

Caroline Crowe spent ten years as a national newspaper journalist and section editor before taking time out to look after her three young sons. Having swapped journalism for fiction for now, she is currently in the process of writing picture books for under fives.

Cally Johnson-Isaacs has loved to draw ever since she first picked up a crayon. After graduating in Illustration from Newcastle Art College, Cally spent a few years illustrating geetings cards before becoming a freelance illustrator. She now works from her home studio where she has a lovely view of the Northumberland countryside. Cally is the illustrator of the very marvellous Rabbits Don’t Lay Eggs! and Charile Crow in the Snow, as well as Elephantantrum and That Dog! for Hodder.

Kids' Book Reviews

I like this book because each page is a different colour

“I like the book. It is great book for people who like rainbows, the pictures are fun and friendly.” Nala, aged 5

“I think this story was good. I liked the pages in it. It felt nice and cosy to read this book. I liked all the colours. I drew pictures of the different colours of the rainbow.” Sophia, aged 4

‘I like this book because each page is a different colour and the colours are light and make me happy.” Muhammad Yusuf, aged 4

“I love the pictures and colours of the rainbow. Grandad in the purple tutu made me laugh!” Theo, aged 2

“I liked it because there were lots of different colours and the rainbow helps us to be kind.” Maryam, aged 4

“I love rainbows and this book made me happy thinking of all the things I have that match the different colours of the rainbow. I liked the activities at the end too.” Emaan, aged 5

“I like the rhymes and the colours” Dylan, aged 2

“The girl had lots of fun with her Grandad and I made the tiger masks with Mum, like they did in the story.” Jacob, aged 4

“I love this book because all of the colours and rainbows are beautiful like all the ones I see in people’s windows” Edith, aged 3


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Reviewer Profile

Nine Reviewers
  • Names: Nala, Sophia, Muhammad-Yusuf, Theo, Maryam, Emaan, Dylan, Jacob and Edith
  • Age Range: 2-5 years
  • Green reminds me of: picnics with my family and running in the park
  • Green reminds me of: grass in my garden tickling my toes, playing outside in nature
  • Green makes us think of: flowers beginning to poke out of the soil and my car!  
  • Green makes us think of: grass, frogs, trees, leaves and peas on my plate